Equityworld Futures : EXCHANGE RUPIAHS NOVEMBER 28 JCI Opened, Spot Gains 55 points to 13 470

Equityworld Futures-The rupiah penetrate Rp13.467 per US dollar based on the reference rate Jakarta Interbank Spot Dollar Rate (Jisdor) today, Monday (11/28/2016).

Data published this morning puts BI on Jisdor at Rp13.467 per US dollar, appreciated by 0.76% or 103 points from position 13 570 last weekend.

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Meanwhile, the exchange rate this morning observed rose 0.21% or 28 points to Rp13.497 per US dollar at 10:09 pm in the spot market, after opening with a strengthening in the position of 13.450.

In trading on Friday (25/11/2016), the rupiah closed rebounded 0.24% or 33 points at 13 525 per US dollar in line with the weakening of the US dollar movements.

The US dollar index, which measures the movement of the dollar against a basket of major currencies this morning further weakened 0.69%, or 0.700 points to 100.790 at 9:59 pm.

In his research, Samuel Sekuritas Indonesia predicted that the rupiah appreciation opportunities in trading today, although still overshadowed weakness.

Economist Samuel Sekuritas Indonesia Rangga Cipta expose the US dollar index thin corrected even though crude oil also fell in after an introductory meeting between Saudi Arabia and Russia before the OPEC meeting coming 30 November 2016, was canceled.

According to him, the strengthening of the US dollar declined slightly helped by the ECB hopes that additional stimulus slowly faded.

Meanwhile, the rupiah strengthened on Friday trading in line with the weakening of the dollar in Asia. However, foreign selling was seen in the bond market that pushed yields to back up.

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