Oil prices weakened after the US Increase Aso drill

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Equity World, Indonesia CNN – Oil prices closed lower in trading Monday (30/1) after a report showed that US drilling activity increased.

It makes speculators worry that production cuts were dilaakukan organization of oil-exporting countries (Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries / OPEC) could not reduce the supply of abundant oil.

As quoted by Reuters, according to Baker Hughes, the number of active drilling in the US reached its highest point since November 2015 ago.

It was motivated by oil prices, which reached US $ 50 per barrel.

As a result, the price of Brent oil fell US $ 0.29 to US $ 55.23 per barrel. Meanwhile, the price of West Texas Intermediate (WTI) fell US $ 0.54 to US $ 52.63 per barrel.

In fact, OPEC and other oil producers including Russia, agreed to cut output by 1.8 million barrels per day in the first half of 2017.

In fact, these countries have cut production by 900 thousand barrels per day in January this year.

However, data is Petro-Logistics predicts that production cuts will only reach 75 percent of the target. Thus, the price of oil expected to be above US $ 50 per barrel, but will not be higher.

However, JP Morgan said that there is the possibility of oil prices could reach US $ 60 per barrel next year, which is still driven by OPEC production cuts. read Gold Prices Rise Thin after the stock market and US Treasury yields turned lower | Equity World

Gold Prices Rise Thin after the stock market and US Treasury yields turned lower

PT Equityworld

PT Equityworld – Gold prices edged higher in weekend trade early Saturday (28/01), after the stock markets and US Treasury yields turned lower, but the precious metal was on track for its first weekly decline this year as traders cashed in on this week’s rally to a two-month high ,

LLG Spot gold prices rose 0.13 percent higher at $ 1,190.06 per ounce, while US gold futures for February delivery was down 0.03 percent at $ 1,189.40 per ounce, as the dollar edged up.

The US dollar rose 0.2 percent against a basket of currencies until, depending on the positive territory despite data showing US economic growth slowed more than expected in the fourth quarter.

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This makes gold slipped from Tuesday’s high of $ 1,219.59 per ounce and put it on track to end a four-week winning streak with a 1.6 percent weekly decline.

The US Federal Reserve is scheduled to release a statement on Wednesday after a two-day meeting.

Analysts have lowered expectations for the price of gold this year after a weak fourth quarter performance of metal, with the prospect of further interest rate hikes from the US Federal Reserve weighed on sentiment.

Demand for gold in India rose this week, driven by falling prices abroad, although some consumers are waiting in the hope that the import duty will be deducted from the government budget next week.

Meanwhile, silver prices rose by 1.69 per cent at $ 17.135 per ounce, while platinum rose 0.42 percent to $ 985.80.

Palladium rose 2.43 percent to $ 738.50, having earlier hit its lowest since January 4 at $ 708.97. The autocatalyst metal is on track for a fall of 5.8 percent this week, the poorest weekly performance since October.

Gold Prices Down On Lack of Demand From China

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Equity World, Jakarta closing trading price of gold less mengggembirakan yesterday. After an increase in several sessions, gold prices closed down.

The dollar edged slightly affect the movement of gold. Analysts also warned that gold demand from China will slow slightly due to Chinese New Year celebrations on holidays this weekend.

MarketWatch launch, Wednesday (01/25/2017), the gold price in the trading session had touched its highest level in 10 weeks. But moving back down at the end of the trading session.

Gold for February delivery fell $ 4.8 or 0.4 pesen to settle at US $ 1.1210,80 per ounce after rising 0.9 percent on Monday to settle at US $ 1,215.60, tettinggi since 17 November 2016.

Gold prices rise in 4 weeks. Gold began to react positively to the statement by President Donald Trump, where he came out of the Trans Pacific Partnership and will renegotiate Aerican Free Trade Agreement.

In addition to the rise in the dollar makes gold cheaper for holders of other currencies, the decline in gold prices is also affected demand down from China.

“In the past two weeks, Chinese demand has led gold prices rose, but ahead of the Lunar New Year this weekend, conditions will change because the Chinese are going on vacation,” said Julian Phillips, Founder GoldForecaster.com.

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Wall Street Stocks Rise Touch Level 20 000 Appreciation Policy President Donald Trump

Equity world Surabaya

PT Equityworld, New York – US stocks (US) rallied with the Dow Jones stock index touch level above 20,000 for the first time. Strengthening the Dow Jones stock index pushed the company’s financial performance improved and optimism towards the US president Donald Trump policy to boost economic growth.

At the close of trading on Wednesday (Thursday morning GMT), the Dow Jones stock index gained 155.38 points or 0.78 percent at 20068.09. Stock index S & P 500 climbed 18.33 points or 0.80 percent at 2298.4. Nasdaq stock index rose 55.38 points or 0.99 percent at 5656.34.

The economic policy of Donald Trump gives optimism to market participants on US economic growth. In the early reign of Donald Trump, he has made a number of decisions that support the business including signing an executive order reducing the rules for domestic manufacturing. It also clarifies the construction of two oil pipelines.

Stock index S & P 500 and Nasdaq posted record highs in the second trading session. While the Dow Jones stock index print a record since January 6 as investors optimistic about the new pro-business government with a plan trim taxes and encourage economic growth.

However, stock indices tend to be volatile on lately as investors await clarity about the policy of the new US administration led by Donald Trump.

“This is clearly a milestone for the market, and investors started to gain clarity. Then see how the next policy,” said UBS analyst Julian Emanuel in New York, as quoted from Reuters on Thursday (01/26/2017).

The Dow Jones index touch 20,000 level also used by Trump. Moment is released in its official tweet with the words “Great! # Dow20K.

In addition to optimism over the new US administration’s policy pro-business sentiment in the stock market was also lifted by expectations of better fourth quarter performance. Approximately 104 companies entered the stock index S & P 500 have reported results on Wednesday. Nearly 70 percent of the company’s performance beat expectations.

The company’s earnings are expected to grow 6.8 percent in the fourth quarter, and the strongest in two tahun.Penguatan Dow Jones stock index is supported by rising stock number is printed Boeing shares to a record high level of US $ 168.65 supported financial performance.

The Dow Jones index gaining to touch its highest level took 42 trading sessions from its highest level of 19,000. The increase is most common among the 10,000 level to 11,000 from March 29 to May 3, 1999 which takes 24 days. Then the increase in stock index level of 18,000 to 19,000 level that requires 483 trading sessions.

The increase in stock indexes to levels above 19,000 occurred since Nov. 22 that is driven sector financial stocks. Shares of Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan rose 20 percent.

Trading volume registered 7.03 billion shares on US stock exchanges. The trading volume was above average 20 day trading around 6.37 billion shares.

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The rate of Composite Index (IHSG) gains as Rupiah Stronger Against Dollar

Equityworld Futures

Equityworld Futures, Jakarta – rate Composite Stock Price Index (JCI) rose in trading on Tuesday this week. JCI sustained rate of the rupiah against the US dollar (US).

At the close of trading on Tuesday (24/01/2017), Jakarta Composite Index rose 41.12 points or 0.78 percent at 5292.08. LQ45 stock index rose 0.95 percent at 884.16. The entire compact benchmark stock index rose.

There are as many as 180 stocks gained thus encouraging JCI to the green zone. While 141 stocks fell. 101 shares at rest. JCI had at the highest level and the lowest 5297.49 5267.73. Stock trading is also quite crowded.

Total frequency stock trading around 364 306 times the trading volume of 16.8 billion shares. Daily transaction value of Rp 6.4 trillion. The position of the US dollar in the range of USD 13 305. Foreign investors to sell around Rp 123 billion.

By sector, shares gained 9 sectors except sector plantation stocks fell 0.41 percent. Sector trading shares climb 1.42 percent, the infrastructure sector shares rose 1.4 percent, and consumer goods sector stocks rose 1.31 percent.

Stocks that gained include ENRG shares rose 22.22 percent to Rp 66 per share, ARII shares climbed 13.24 percent to Rp 496 per share, and the stock EARTH climbed 7.62 percent to Rp 480 per share.

While stocks under pressure, among others hotl stock slipped 19.44 percent to Rp 145 per share, stock TINS ??shrinkage of 4.88 percent to Rp 975 per share, and ANTM shares slumped 6.94 percent to Rp 805 per share.

Asian stocks were varied. Hong Kong stock index Hang Seng rose 0.22 percent to a level of 22 949, South Korea’s Kospi stock index slumped 0.01 percent to 2,065, and Japan’s Nikkei stock index fell 0.55 percent to a level of 18 787.

In addition, the Shanghai stock index climbed 0.18 percent to a level of 3142, Singapore’s stock index rose 0.49 percent to 3,040, and Taiwan’s stock index climbed 0.25 percent to a level of 9447.

Analyst PT Bhima Setiaji NH Korindo Securities said that the strengthening of the rupiah against the US dollar (US) has been pushed JCI to the green zone. President of the United States (US) Donald Trump will apply protectionist trade policy is feared could lead to a trade war.

This makes the US dollar weakened. “Catalysts today from Donald Trump plans protectionist policies make US dollar weakened against a basket of currencies including the yen, and other currencies, including the rupiah so the impact to JCI,” he said when contacted Liputan6.com.

There is also the foreign investors to sell in Indonesia capital market, Bhima rate it is still reasonable because foreign investors are still selling in the range of USD 100 billion.

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Megawati Soekarnoputri Dituduh Menistakan Agama Saat Berpidato di HUT PDIP

Equity World, PT Equityworld, Equityworld Futures Megawati Soekarnoputri Dituduh Menistakan Agama Saat Berpidato di HUT PDIP

PT EQUITYWORLD FUTURES – Aliansi Anak Bangsa Gerakan Anti Penodaan Agama melaporkan Ketua Umum PDIP Megawati Soekarnoputri ke Bareskrim Polri. Mega dituduh telah menistakan agama saat menyampaikan pidato di HUT PDIP beberapa waktu lalu.

Dalam laporan, Baharuzama selaku pihak pelapor mengutip sepenggal pidato Mega yang dianggap telah menistakan agama. Berikut kalimat yang dituduh telah menistakan agama oleh Baharuzaman selaku mantan Ketua FPI Jakarta Utara.

Apakan Rokok Elektrik Aman Bagi Paru-paru ? Ini Kata Dokter !! EQUITY WORLD

‘Para pemimpin yang menganut ideologi tertutup pun memosisikan diri mereka sebagai pembawa ‘self fullfilling prophecy’, para peramal masa depan. Mereka dengan fasih meramalkan yang akan pasti terjadi di masa yang akan datang, termasuk dalam kehidupan setelah dunia fana, padahal, notabane mereka sendiri tentu belum pernah melihatnya’.

“Dan isinya laporan tersebut dalam kaitan pidato di acara HUT PDIP ke-44 melalui televisi,” kata Karopenmas Divisi Humas Polri Brigjen Rikwanto di Kompleks Mabes Polri, Jakarta, Selasa (24/1).

Dikatakan jenderal bintang satu itu, dalam laporan Baharuzaman menganggap pernyataan Mega mengarah pada penodaan agama.

“Terlapor, Ibu Megawati diduga mengeluarkan kata-kata intinya menurut si pelapor melakukan penodaan agama,” ujar dia.

Equity World, PT Equityworld, Equityworld Futures Megawati Soekarnoputri Dituduh Menistakan Agama Saat Berpidato di HUT PDIP
Equity World, PT Equityworld, Equityworld Futures Megawati Soekarnoputri

Rikwanto menuturkan laporan itu diterima pihak Direktorat Tindak Pidana Umum (Dittipidum) Bareskrim Polri, Senin (23/1) kemarin. Laporan diterima itu diterima dengan nomor nomor laporan TBL/46/I/2017/Bareskrim.

Megawati Soekarnoputri Dituduh Menistakan Agama Saat Berpidato di HUT PDIP


Inauguration Presidin Donald Trump European Stock Markets Mixed

Equity World Surabaya

PT Equityworld – European stock markets moved mixed in trading Friday (20/01) and a speech ahead of the inauguration of US President-elect Donald Trump.

Pan-European STOXX 600 index trading day with memmulai fell by 0.3 percent, with most sectors trading in negative territory.

The FTSE is at 7207.76, down -0.68 points or -0.01%

The DAX was at 11596.33, down -0.56 points or 0% Ersen

CAC is at 4850.48, up 9:34 points, or 0.19%

IBEX 35 index was at 9408.80, up 29.70 points or 0.32%

Investors seem to be taking a cautious approach because they are waiting for clarity on what the new US administration will do.

Basic resources sector down more than 1.2 percent on a stronger dollar.

The auto sector was also down 0.6 percent in early trade. Former Volkswagen CEO said he had no prior knowledge of fraud diesel emissions.

In the business world, another French company is trying to get in the Italian market. Luxury goods group LVMH is to buy up to 10 percent of the group Marcolin eyeglasses. Its shares fell slightly on Friday morning.

Edenred is the worst performer in early trading Friday, down more than 3 percent. According to Reuters, Colony’s Colday E, the major shareholder, sold its stake in the company for 500 million euros ($ 533 million). Shares of Royal Mail, which is under European indexes on Thursday, fell in early trading more than 2.8 percent.

President-elect Trump is expected to take the oath of office at around 17:00 am London time.

Meanwhile, the market has digested the news from the European Central Bank, which said on Thursday that they will keep monetary policy loose for memeprtahankan was necessary. Despite some positive inflation data, the central bank is still far from reaching the target of 2 percent.

Tonight will be held the inauguration of US President terplih Donald Trump. It is estimated that Trump’s speech after the inauguration to provide support for economic policy program, it will strengthen Wall Street.

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Bank Indonesia to hold interest rates


Equityworld Futures – Bank Indonesia kept interest rates unchanged considering the economic conditions of Indonesia regards the stable state even in the face of global economic uncertainty.

Bank Indonesia through the Board of Governors (RDG) from 18-19 January 2017 decided to keep the BI 7-day Reverse Repo Rate (BI 7-day RR Rate) remained at 4.75%, with a fixed interest rate of 4.00 Deposit Facility Lending Facility% and fixed at 5.50%, effective from January 20, 2017.

As released on the website of Bank Indonesia, the decision did not change interest rates in line with Bank Indonesia’s efforts to maintain macroeconomic stability and financial system while optimizing the recovery of the domestic economy amid global financial market uncertainty.

Bank Indonesia predicts future prospects of the national economy is expected to continue to improve after noting a relatively good performance during 2016. Bank Indonesia said higher economic growth and macroeconomic stability and financial system is maintained.

However, Bank Indonesia also remained wary of a number of risks in 2017, both from the global, particularly related to the direction of US policy and China as well as the rise in world oil prices, and domestic adjustments primarily related to the impact of administered prices on inflation.

To that end, Bank Indonesia will continue to optimize the policy mix of monetary, macroprudential, and payment systems to maintain macroeconomic stability and financial system while considering support for the optimization of the economic recovery. Furthermore, Bank Indonesia will continue to strengthen coordination with the Government with a focus on controlling inflation to remain in the range of targets and structural reforms to support sustainable economic growth.

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World Oil Prices Fall To Lowest Level Lowering After Opek surplus supply


Equity World – Crude oil prices fell to their lowest level in a week at the end of trading on Thursday morning (19/01) on expectations US producers will increase production, while OPEC signaled the decline of global oil supply surplus this year as a producer group production fell from record highs.

US crude oil futures price of West Texas Intermediate (WTI) fell $ 1.40, or 2.7 percent, at $ 51.08 per barrel.

Brent crude futures, the international benchmark for oil prices, fell $ 1.51, or 2.7 percent, at $ 53.96 a barrel at 02:34 ET (1734 GMT).

US shale production beat three-month decline in February, the US Energy Information Administration said on Tuesday, as energy companies increase drilling activity with crude oil prices hovering near 18-month highs.

Production of February will be a slight increase 40 750 barrels per day (bpd) to 4.748 million barrels per day, the EIA said. In January, it was expected to fall by 5,900 barrels per day.

Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries signaled surplus oil supply fell in 2017 on Wednesday as the exporter group’s production slipped from a record high ahead of a deal to cut the supply and manufacturers of outdoor showing early signs are positive from compliance with the agreement.

Under the agreement, OPEC, Russia and non-OPEC producers have promised to cut oil production by nearly 1.8 million barrels per day, initially for six months, to carry supplies back in line with consumption.

However, OPEC, in its monthly report, also pointed to the possibility of a rebound in US output, due to higher oil prices following supply cuts by other manufacturers support increased shale drilling.

OPEC, excluding Indonesia, produced 33.085 million barrels per day (bpd) last month, according to OPEC figures that dikupulkan from secondary sources, down 221,000 bpd from November.

OPEC cut its forecast for supply in 2017 from countries non-members following a pledge by Russia and other non-members to join OPEC to limit production.

OPEC expects non-OPEC supplies rose 120,000 barrels per day this year, down from growth of 300,000 barrels per day last month, although the forecast revised up from US supply.

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Ini 5 Spesies Baru dan Aneh Salah Satunya Ditemukan di Indonesia!

Ini 5 Spesies Baru dan Aneh Salah Satunya Ditemukan di Indonesia

Ini 5 Spesies Baru dan Aneh Salah Satunya Ditemukan di Indonesia! – Rata-rata per tahun para ilmuwan berhasil menemukan species baru, rata-rata hewan ini mampi bersembunyi, alam hutan yang sangat lebat, di gua, hingga di kedalaman laut yang sangat gelap.

Misalnya seperti 6 hewan langka ini, hewan-hewan ini ditemukan secara tidak sengaja oleh manusia, dan karena bentuknya aneh, hewan-hewan ini pun didaulat sebagai spesies baru, apa aja sih?

1.  Ninja Laternshark,

hiu yang bisa menyala dalam gelap…
Ninja Laternshark, hiu yang bisa menyala dalam gelap...

Pada 2015 silam, Seorang peneliti bernama Vicky Vasquez berhasil menemukan hewan langka yang diperkirakan sebagai spesies baru, hiu berwana hitam pekat ini saat pertama kali ditemukan memiliki ukuran tidak lebih dari 1 meter dan tersebar di Samudra Pasifik, di sekitar benua hitam Afrika.

Hal yang membuat ilmuwan berdecak kagum adalah hiu ini mampu menyala dalam kegelapan padahal selama ini yang bisa melakukan hal tersebut hanyalah spesies serangga alias kunang-kunang.


Imbas Transisi Trump dan US Dollar oleh Gary Wagner | PT Equityworld

2 Pristionchus borbonicus,

Cacing gelang yang memiliki lima wajah…
Pristionchus borbonicus, Cacing gelang yang memiliki lima wajah...

Pristionchus borbonicus adalah spesies baru dari keluarga cacing gelang yang saat perma kali ditemukan membuat heboh para ilmuwan. Konon, ketika diteliti cacing ini memiliki kemampuan untuk merubah wajahnya, seperti kepala dan beberapa giginya.

Kemampuan ini dapat dilakukan jika si cacing tengah menempel pada inang tertentu, tujuannya ialah untuk dapat beradaptasi dengan berbagai inang yang diinginkan.

3 Channa andro,

Ikan yang mampu hidup di darat selama 4 hari!
Channa andro, Ikan yang mampu hidup di darat selama 4 hari!

Ikan satu ini bisa dibilang ikan paling unik di seluruh dunia, bagaimana tidak, kalau kebanyakan ikan nggak bisa hidup tanpa air, tapi ikan Channa andro ini berbeda, ikan ini malah bisa hidup di darat.

Ikan ini mampu meliuk-liuk di daratan seperti ular, dengan kondisi tanpa air, ikan ini masih bisa bernafas selama empat hari.

Soal ukuran tubuh ikan ini mampu tumbuh hingga 1,2 meter, dengan ukuran sebesar dan doyan sekali sama darah, coba deh bayangin jika dipinggiran sungai dipenuhin ikan kayak gini…. Hiiii

4 Limnonectes lervaepartus,

 Katak pertama dan satu-satunya yang mampu melahirkan kecebong…
Limnonectes lervaepartus, Katak pertama dan satu-satunya yang mampu melahirkan kecebong...

Ilmu Biologi udah pernah ngejelasin kalau umumnya katak akan mengeluarkan telur sehingga telur tersebut dapat berkembang dan menjadi katak. Namun seorang peneliti bernama Jim McGuire mendapatkan sebuah hal baru di Indonesia, tepatnya di daerah sekitar Sulawesi, yang mana katak tidak lagi bertelur tapi malah melahirkan kecebong. Sontak, ilmuwan dari seluruh dunia gempar dengan spesies satu ini.

5 Ikan hitam yang seukuran telunjuk…

Ikan hitam yang seukuran telunjuk...

Ikan bertubuh mungil pertama kali ditemukan di antara empat gunung berapi kuno di lepas pantai Australia. Meski memiliki ukuran setelunjuk jari tapi ikan ini mampu merobek daging dengan rahang dan giginya yang sangat tajam!

Hingga kini nama dan spesies ikan ini masih belum ditentukan, kabarnya ilmuwan memberi nama ikan ini dengan sebutan ikan hitam, karena warna tubuhnya yang sangat hitam pekat.

6  Ikan misterius!

Ikan misterius!

Sebuah ekspedisi yang diketuai oleh Jeff Drazen dan Patty Fryer dari University of Hawaii baru-baru ini merekam spesies ikan baru saat mereka melakukan penelitian di palung Mariana, palung terdalam di planet bumi.

Ikan yang masih mengundang berbagai pertanyaan ini diklaim berasal dari spesies baru snailfish.

Demikianlah beberapa hewan baru yang ditemukan secara nggak sengaja oleh manusia, sudah sepantasnya pula kita turut melestarikannya. Bagaimana menurutmu?