PT Equityworld : CENTRAL EXCHANGE BI NOVEMBER 29, 82 pts depreciate, majority of Asian Currencies Weaken

PT Equityworld-Bank Indonesia middle rate peg in position Rp13.549 per US dollar this .

Bank Indonesia middle rate set at Rp13.549 per US dollar, depreciated by 0.61% or 82 points from yesterday 13 467 positions.

Equityworld Futures
PT Equityworld Futures

Selling rate is set at Rp13.617 per US dollar, while the buying rate was at Rp13.481 per US dollar. The difference between the selling rate and buying rate is Rp136.
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Meanwhile, the movement of the majority of Asian currencies weakened against the US dollar.

The weakening against the US dollar experienced deepest Japanese yen by 0.16%, followed by Taiwan dollar by 0.15%, and the Thai baht which fell 0.14%.

The rupiah was also observed to weaken ever so slightly by 0.07% or 9 points to Rp13.541 per US dollar at 11:01 pm.


PT Equityworld Futures

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