Gold And Oil Prices Strong After The Dollar Decline


PT Equityworld – The drop in the US dollar value of all trades in the forex market late Asian session (30/12), provided more flexibility for the aussie rally continued for 2 consecutive days. In addition to the weakening US dollar, commodity currencies have benefited from rising commodity prices the past few days khsususnya price of gold and crude oil prices.

Crude oil prices moving strongly despite being depressed by crude oil supply data for the United States reported increases in oil supplies last week exceeded the previous week. Furthermore the price of gold also succeeded long rally responds to the drop in the US dollar.

Australian dollar exchange rate movements of the Asian session (02:15:45 GMT) moved higher against the US dollar, after opening lower at 0.7220 earlier in the Asian session (0000 GMT), the Australian dollar exchange rate is now rolling on the position of 0.7235.

For subsequent trade to the American trading session this evening, Vibiz Research Center analyst estimates AUDUSD pair will continue to rise towards 0.7259-0.7284 range. But if there is a correction going down towards the 0.7195-0.7164 range.

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Global Market After Christmas Doldrums


PT Equityworld – US stocks fell in late trade on Friday morning (23/12), depressed consumer sector despite the poor performance of US GDP is reported to have increased from the previous quarter. The Dow Jones fell 0.12 percent to 19,918.88 with the highest decline in Wal-Mart stock. The S & P 500 down 0.19 percent to 2,260.96 with consumer discretionary sectors led the seven sectors were lower and the Nasdaq slipped 0.44 percent to 5,447.42.

Weak Asian markets move in early trade on Friday (23/12) by the holiday sentiment. ASX 200 index -0.40% at 5621.20. The Kospi index fell 0:02 percent at 2035.41. Stock Asutralia and Korea, while Japan’s is open a half day holiday celebrating the birthday of the emperor of Japan.

Of the commodity markets, crude oil prices rose by some sentiment as strong US GDP data support a strong US dollar pullback rally and optimism that crude oil producers will adhere to an agreement to limit production. WTI oil price rose 0.88 percent to $ 52.95 per barrel. Furthermore, the price of crude oil has the potential to move down by profit-taking.

Meanwhile, spot gold prices LLG in late trade on Friday morning (23/12) ended down 0.23 percent at $ 1,129.10 per troy ounce due to strong US GDP data. gold prices for the next trade is projected to rise with the projected weakening of the US dollar.

Of the foreign exchange market, the US dollar gained only limited due to very depressed by the euro and the yen Jepang.Pagi crucible is observed retreat again and potentially weak throughout the day by sentiment Christmas holiday.
00:04 EURUSD 1.04430%
GBPUSD -0.07% 1.22800
USDJPY -0.04% 117.48

Of the Indonesian capital market, at the close of trading Thursday afternoon (22/12), the Jakarta Composite Index ended down 1.3% to 5042.87 position. JCI weakening carried out by a local investor selling pressure is quite big. JCI to further trade, it is estimated there will be in the range of support 4985-5021 and 5135-5163 resistance. Stocks that are interesting to observe this day: BMRI, HMSP, INDF and SMRA.

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EURUSD Rally 3 Today Still Continues


Equity World – EURUSD rallied for three consecutive days last week trimmed quite strong in the Asian session by the strength of the US dollar rebound, but trying to bounce back at the end of the Asian session to trade the European session on Tuesday (27/12). EURUSD effort to rally gained from consideration of the European market will be strong German bond yields and the previous trading US bond yields declined.

Rising power of the German bond yields have made positive moves retreat EURUSD pair continues until the American session, if the release of economic data from the CB is not as expected. But otherwise the EURUSD positive rate cut continued pressure in the Asian session.

European session the euro exchange rate movements (10:45:38 GMT) move flat against the US dollar, after opening higher than the previous trading at 1.0454 early in the Asian trading session (00:00 GMT), now the Euro exchange rate is still in the position of 1.0454, after reaching the position 1.0456 highs.

For the next trade until the close of trading ending the American session tomorrow morning, analyst Vibiz Research Center viewed as technically EURUSD pair will drop to the range 1.0426 – 1.0398 if the pair rally attempt did not get through the range of 1.0462-1.0483.

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The domestic product Gross Indonesia Sign 3 Big World

Equityworld Futures

Equityworld FuturesMinister of Finance (Finance) Sri Mulyani Indrawati said in the last 10 years, the growth of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of Indonesia reached 5.7 percent, the third highest among the world’s largest economy.

In 2017, Indonesia’s economy was predicted to still be able to grow relatively strong, despite the challenges both in the domestic and global. Thus Sri Mulyani explained on the sidelines of Indonesia Economic Outlook 2017 seminar organized by Monday (19/12) in Jakarta.

As reported by the website of the Ministry of Finance, Sri Mulyani further revealed, Gini ratio (inequality) Indonesia showed increased quite rapidly. From 0.35 in 2006 to 0.41 in 2011, and then decreased slightly to 0.4 in 2016.

On the one hand, the Indonesian economy grew quite high in this period, but it can only be enjoyed 5 percent of the top, because of the high economic growth alone is not sufficient but need policies that can spur high economic growth, while creating welfare distribution, according to Sri Mulyani emphasize.

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PT EQUITYWORLD : Libya Airbus A320 Afriqiyah Airways hijacked, forced to land in Malta

PT EQUITYWORLD : Libya Airbus A320 Afriqiyah Airways hijacked

PT EQUITYWORLD-An Airbus A320 operated by the airline Afriqiyah Airways is set to be landed in the capital of Tripoli from the city of Sabha in southern Libya. The perpetrators of the hijacking were detained after almost all of the 108 passengers and crew allowed to go down.

PT EQUITYWORLD : Libya Airbus A320 Afriqiyah Airways hijacked

Unknown number of hijackers allegedly involved but they are supporters of the former leader, the late Libya Muammar Gaddafi.

Two hijackers who diverted a Libyan passenger plane to Malta claiming to have a grenade have surrendered peacefully following hours of tense negotiations.

There were 118 people, including seven crew members, on board the hijacked Afriqiyah Airways Airbus A320, which was travelling from Sabha in south east Libya to the capital Tripoli.

These were The Independent’s live updates as the situation unfolded:

Report of Malta mentioning that one of the hijackers threatened to blow up the plane with grenades. Another report said the perpetrators tried to get political asylum. When the hijacking took place one of them fly the green flag from the era of Gaddafi.

Libya television station who interviewed principals said the perpetrators wanted to promote the new party pro-Gaddafi. See also: PT EQUITYWORLD : JAKARTA SITUATION AFTER CHRISTMAS ENSURING

The plane left a military airport Tmenhant, Sabha, at 11.10 a.m. local time (15:10 GMT), landing in Malta two hours and 20 minutes later. Mayors of Sabha, Col. Hamed al-Fanciful to the BBC said it had already launched an investigation into how the weapons or explosives could get into the cabin of the aircraft.

He acknowledged that security at the airport is indeed very weak. The distance between the airport and building the aircraft about 5 kilometers. “This is an open space and it is this possible route of smuggling to the plane,” said Fanciful.

Trump Rewards Kellyanne Conway With a high White House workers Slot

Trump Rewards Kellyanne Conway With a high White House workers Slot

Equity World – Kellyanne Conway, the Republican headcounter and contriver UN agency helped guide Donald J. Trump to success in Gregorian calendar month, on Thursday was appointed counselor to the president, changing into the highest-ranking lady at the White House and one among his principal messengers to the general public.

Ms. Conway are joined within the West Wing, steps from the Oval Office, by Sean Spicer, a veteran Washington political operative, UN agency are the face of Mr. Trump’s administration as its press secretary, the transition team declared.

Trump Rewards Kellyanne Conway With a high White House workers Slot

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Along with many alternative White House communications specialists appointed on Thursday, the try can wage daily battles with legislators on Mr. Trump’s behalf whereas seeking to preserve the president’s political power base among voters outside the capital.

Ms. Conway and Mr. Spicer will be chargeable for a relationship with the fourth estate that has usually turned antagonistic. The president-elect’s team has hinted that they’ll modification the method reporters area unit treated, and presumably eliminate the daily press making known, once a campaign throughout that Mr. Trump oft derided reporters as dishonest.

Ms. Conway, 49, UN agency took over as Mr. Trump’s campaign manager in August, shortly once the Republican convention, target-hunting him through a brutal and dissentious campaign, usually showing on tv to vouch for him in periods of scandal or disceptation.

She stood by Mr. Trump once a 2005 tape surfaced within which he boasted regarding incertain girls, proving her loyalty and serving to secure her position as somebody UN agency can have the president’s ear on a large type of topics.

In a statement, the president-elect aforesaid Ms. Conway would continue her role as a “close advisor,” chargeable for serving to do his priorities and delivering his message from within the White House.

“She could be a tireless and tenacious advocate of my agenda and has wonderful insights on a way to effectively communicate our message,” Mr. Trump said. “I am happy that she is going to be a part of my senior team within the West Wing.”

Jason Miller, a Republican operative UN agency was Associate in Nursing early spokesperson for Mr. Trump throughout the campaign, can become the communications director at the White House, transition officers declared. Hope Hicks, UN agency served as a campaign representative, can become the director of strategic communications, and Dan Scavino are the director of social media.

The new members of the workers can have the ability to form Mr. Trump’s presence in Washington as he makes the transition from man of affairs to president. The president-elect is additionally stressed from his supporters to deal sharply with the national fourth estate.

And his political advisers can facilitate guide him through a probably contentious relationship with some members of Congress, as well as ones from his own party.

The West Wing sweepstakes has angry a weekslong roiled discussion among Mr. Trump’s circle over UN agency ought to fill prime posts. It additionally mirrored the president-elect’s apparent discontent with a number of his choices for UN agency would seem at the White House dais as press secretary.

Mr. Trump had hoped to own a lady a minimum of share those making known duties. however once Ms. Conway declined, Mr. Trump eventually discharged alternatives that would have signaled a additional hostile approach to the press, like the conservative radio host Laura Ingraham and Kimberly Guilfoyle, a Fox News host and commentator.

Mr. Spicer, 45, could be a fierce advocate for Mr. Trump and may be combative with reporters. however he’s additionally a well-known face in Washington, having served for years because the chief spokesperson for the Republican National Committee.

His ascension to 1 of the foremost visible jobs in Washington represents a success for Reince Priebus, the chairman of the Republican National Committee and therefore the incoming chief of workers, in internal jockeying with Jared Kushner, Mr. Trump’s relative-in-law, additionally like author K. Bannon, UN agency are Mr. Trump’s chief White House contriver, and Vice President-elect microphone Pence.

Mr. Trump is deeply keen on Ms. Conway, whose job as counselor can provide her frequent access to the president. thought-about a “Trump whisperer” throughout the campaign, and somebody UN agency was significantly adept at explaining his attractiveness to voters, Ms. Conway can function one among the chief protectors of Mr. Trump’s political complete. She additionally has been a favourite contriver for alternative conservative candidates, like triton Gingrich throughout the 2012 presidential race, and he or she was Associate in Nursing advisor to Mr. Pence throughout his run governor of Indiana.

She has reportedly clashed now and then with Mr. Priebus and Mr. Kushner. each men were annoyed once she gave a series of interviews within which she criticized Mitt Romney, the 2012 Republican politico, UN agency was being thought-about for secretary of state despite having been a key figure of opposition to Mr. Trump throughout the campaign.

With a soft approach that has appealed to Mr. Trump, Ms. Conway was attributable throughout the campaign — even by Democrats UN agency opposed her — with smoothing out a number of Mr. Trump’s most jagged edges throughout her appearances on tv.

In the returning days, Mr. Trump is additionally expected to call 3 deputy chiefs of workers to assist Mr. Priebus manage the sprawling operations at the White House. Among those being thought-about for these posts area unit Katie Walsh, UN agency was the chief of workers at the Republican National Committee; Joe Hagin, UN agency was the deputy chief of workers for operations through most of St. George W. Bush’s administration; and Rick A. Dearborn, UN agency was the chief of workers to legislator Jeff Sessions of Alabama, UN agency has been hand-picked by Mr. Trump to function lawyer general.

Tending to Mr. Trump’s relationships in Washington is probably going to fall, in part, to Bill Stepien, UN agency is in line to be the new political director. Mr. Stepien once vie that role because the old political advisor to Gov. Chris Christie of recent Jersey, however was dismissed for his half within the scandal involving a plot to penalize a Democratic city manager by closing traffic lanes resulting in the President Washington Bridge.

Mr. Stepien has been attributable by Mr. Kushner and Mr. Bannon, UN agency brought him on board in August, with serving to them secure Mr. Trump’s success in Gregorian calendar month.

It is unclear however Mr. Trump intends to use David Bossie, UN agency left the conservative noncommercial cluster voters United to be the deputy campaign manager, and was among Mr. Trump’s earliest informal advisers a couple of presidential run. Mr. Bossie oft clashed with Mr. Priebus, and Mr. Trump was disgruntled with him by the top of the campaign. He has wanted to be a deputy chief of workers.

One loyal aide UN agency won’t be connection the president’s White House workers is Corey Lewandowski, UN agency was recruited to be Mr. Trump’s initial campaign manager at the advice of Mr. Bossie.

Mr. Lewandowski, UN agency was dismissed from the campaign early last summer, waged the foremost visible fight for a job at the White House. In the end, though, he can stay outside the gates, saying on Twitter on Wednesday that he has came upon a Washington promotional material and consulting business a block from the White House.

“I can perpetually be President Trump’s biggest supporter,” Mr. Lewandowski wrote in a very news unharness saying the new business, Avenue ways. The co-founder of the firm is Barry aeronaut, UN agency managed the presidential campaign of mountain Carson; Mr. Lewandowski brought him onto the Trump campaign once Mr. Carson born out. | EQUITY WORLD

EQUITYWORLD FUTURES : The European Union Accuses Facebook Give Misleading Info When Acquired WhatsApp

EQUITYWORLD FUTURES : The European Union Accuses Facebook Give Misleading Info When Acquired WhatsApp

PT Equityworld Futures-The European Commission has accused Facebook Inc. provides information misleading in the takeover of the online messaging service WhatsApp, making the company the possibility of being fined 1 percent of omzet..

The statement of objections sent to Facebook it will have no impact on approval by 2014 about merging the company with a value of US $22 billion, according to the EU Commission in a statement on Tuesday (8/12).

EQUITYWORLD FUTURES : The European Union Accuses Facebook Give Misleading Info When Acquired WhatsApp

Facebook is Silicon Valley’s latest target of EU Antitrust Chief Margrethe Vestager, who have been demanding the tax accounts receivable to pay Apple $14 billion to Ireland and attributing Google with the two investigations of violations of the market.

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These issues are related privacy policy changes WhatsApp August when the company said it would split the number of the user’s phone number with Facebook’s parent company, which sparked an investigation by the EU data protection authorities.

The Commission says Facebook has indicated in the notification of the acquisition plan that they will not be able to match user accounts two companies. “In the statement of objections, the Commission today took the initial view that, contrary to the statements and answers in the study of incorporation of the company Facebook, chances are the technical user names matching Facebook and WhatsApp there has been years of 2014.0” according to the statement.

“The initial Commission’s view is that Facebook is giving information not true and misleading during the investigation into the acquisition of WhatsApp,” said competition Commissioner Vestager, EU efforts.

Facebook have time until January 31 to respond. If the concern of the Commission was confirmed, the Agency could impose a fine of up to 1 per cent of the turnover of the company. The companies fined can appeal to the European Court, which had rejected several previous penalty.

Facebook stated respect for the process of the Commission, but they say has consistently provided information regarding their technical capabilities and plans, including in the acquisition of WhatsApp.

Responding to the issue is separate from the EU’S data protection watchdog agency, Facebook has agreed to stop distributing WhatsApp user information with Facebook to enhance ad products and social media networks that. The watchdog agency that wrote to the company last week, asking for more information about changes to the privacy policy.

PT EQUITYWORLD : This 5 Cool Features On Instagram Should You Know

PT EQUITYWORLD : This 5 Cool Features On Instagram Should You Know

Equityworld – For those of you who faithfully using Instagram, 2016 is an amazing year for application sharing photos and short videos belonging to this Facebook presents a variety of new features through updates over the next few months.

From the zoom feature when viewing the photo to a more interactive ads, here are the best features on Instagram shouldn’t you miss:

PT EQUITYWORLD : This 5 Cool Features On Instagram Should You Know

1. Zoom (Aug. 31)

After 6 years waiting, Instagram finally officially introduced the feature where users can zoom in on photos on line time with only needs to be “pinching” or use two fingers on the screen of a smartphone. Ye shifting fingers approached or docked to enlarge, shrink, or keep the image.

2. Save Draft (30 September) PT EQUITYWORLD

Before, you have to re-upload the photos will be posted when accidentally press ‘ back ‘ button in the application. Now, through the feature ‘ Save Draft ‘ entire photo or video to be uploaded will be stored automatically. However, this feature applies only to photos or videos you have edited or given a caption first. Read: PT Equityworld : Us Dollar flirts with the high of 14 years December 21, 2016 As Overall Performance

3. Story Tricks (10 November)

In addition to introducing Instagram Story, Instagram beautify feature that lets users share all this everyday moments with your Boomerang. With Boomerang, a user can display a series of unique and interesting photos to display it.

In addition, you can now mark (tag) people in yout story, as in the photo caption by adding icons @ before the name. The person who marked it will receive notification in the private message when opening applications, as quoted from pages CNET, Wednesday (14/12/2016).

4. Disappearing Messages (November 21)

Through the updates lately, Instagram makin feels like Snapchat. There is not enough to add the feature Stories, Instagram introduce features Disappearing messages. Finished making a Story, you can tap the arrow that is on the bottom right of the screen and select one or more friends on Instagram to receive messages.

As in Snapchat, messages received disappears you will friend Instagram within 24 hours. In addition, Instagram just presenting an update notification which displays when someone download the screenshot your photos via a private message.

5. Live Video (coming soon)

In addition to the features already can be enjoyed today, reportedly Instagram is currently developing a feature live video from your account on Facebook or Live like a Periscope. According to the official website of Instagram, you will can broadcast video directly from the main Story page by sliding to the right of the feed, and click on the button Live in the bottom of the screen to start the live broadcast.

When the live broadcast, you will be shown information anyone who was watching at the top right of the screen, complete with comments and reactions below. You can also add your own comments or turn off comments entirely by choosing options on the screen. INSTAGRAM EQUITYWORLD

EQUITY WORLD : Photo Russia’s Ambassador Was Killed Shot In Turkey

EQUITY WORLD : Photo Russia's Ambassador Was Killed Shot In Turkey

EQUITY WORLD-Russia’s Ambassador to Turkey, Andrey Karlov was killed was shot while her middle was in major art exhibition space in the District of Cankaya Ankara. A known offender named Mevlut Mert Altintas, opened fire from the back of Karlov.

EQUITY WORLD : Photo Russia's Ambassador Was Killed Shot In Turkey

In the video by CNN as reported by on Tuesday (20/12/2016), actors look just behind the Karlov when the Central victim delivered a speech. Amateur video taken by a cameraman who recorded the activities of the exhibition.

EQUITY WORLD : Photo Russia's Ambassador Was Killed Shot In Turkey
Russian Ambassador to Turkey Andrei Karlov makes a speech at an art gallery shortly before he was shot in Ankara, Turkey.
REUTERS/Ugur Kavas

Look in the video became viral, Altintas release 10 times the shots from a semi-automatic pistol into the body of Karlov. After the memberondongkan bullets to Karlov, the man who worked as the police Turkey was shouting Islamic words then mentions the Allepo several times. Also Read: EQUITY WORLD : U.S. Dollar Asian Session Did Not Pressure His Opponents To Face Strong

“Don’t forget the Aleppo! Don’t forget Syria! Don’t forget the Aleppo! Don’t forget Syria, “cried Altintas. People who were in the room of the art it instantly ran to be ejected out of the room.

EQUITY WORLD : Photo Russia's Ambassador Was Killed Shot In Turkey

Looks also a number of visitors who fear for a moment see Karlov was killed on the spot and the perpetrators who are still holding weapons. While screaming, actors look brandishes his gun and finger.

Its position next to the body of Karlov and three others lying on the floor. Immediately after the shooting, the police authorities of the vigils outside immediately surrounded the Altantis.

EQUITY WORLD : Photo Russia's Ambassador Was Killed Shot In Turkey

Her refusal to give up and remain on site. “Only death will remove me from here. Everyone who has taken part in the Suppression of this individual commandments themselves will pay for it, “he said. Raw firefight between police with Altintas lasted 15 minutes until finally, Altantis ascertained were killed by police. After the incident, riot police with full gear stand guard around the site.

President of Russia Vladimir Putin denounced the shooting, which killed action emphatic Envoys. Himself mentions this action as an act of provocation that cruel, after the relationship the two countries improve.

EQUITY WORLD : Photo Russia's Ambassador Was Killed Shot In Turkey

“A crime has been carried out and it without a doubt. A provocation aimed at wrecking the normalization of Russia-Turkey relations and undermine the peace process Syria is being actively encouraged by Russia, Turkey, Iran and others, “said a stern Putin said in an interview on television as quoted Reuters.

EQUITY WORLD : Photo Russia's Ambassador Was Killed Shot In TurkeyEquity World

EQUITYWORLD FUTURES – 350 People Worked Out Of Aleppo, The Evacuation Was Halted

EQUITYWORLD FUTURES - 350 People Worked Out Of Aleppo, The Evacuation Was Halted

Equityworld Futures – About 350 people successfully issued from rebel territory in Aleppo, Syria, though the evacuation process was halted while the bus-burning incident rescuers on Sunday (18/12).

“Five buses arrived from the region of the beleaguered East of Aleppo,” said Ahmad al-Dbis, head of a team of doctors and volunteers for the evacuation process in Khan al-Asal, told AFP.

The rescue process 350 people this is actually almost canceled because of bad situation in Aleppo after the evacuation by bus-burning action group who have not been identified.

EQUITYWORLD FUTURES - 350 People Worked Out Of Aleppo, The Evacuation Was Halted

However, Russia and Turkey urged Syria to allow the regime forces convoy bus was passing the checkpoint. According to the Dbis, 350 people were finally arrived, but with a very pitiful condition. “They have not been eating and drinking. Children of the cold. They have not even get into the toilet, “said Dbis.


Kronologi Pesawat Hercules TNI AU C 130 A-1334 Tabrak Bukit Tugima | EQUITYWORLD FUTURES

On Sunday it’s actually there are 100 buses that were supposed to go. But in the afternoon, 30 buses that are already fully charged could not continue its journey because of the incident.

Meanwhile, thousands of others can only wait for the bus in the open ground, amid the chill weather Aleppo. There are only three doctors who now stand guard near them.

Special Envoy of the United Nations for peace Syria, Staffan de Mistura, said that there were about 40 thousand civilians and 5,000 people rebels who should be evacuated from Aleppo since the regime’s forces seized the area last week.

Before the evacuation was halted, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported recently about 8,500 3,000 people, including rebels, who successfully evacuated from Aleppo. PT EQUITYWORLD FUTURES