pt equityworld : Ahead of Christmas, Duck Export Bamboo Indonesia Laris Manis

PT Equityworld-Handicrafts export demand duck souvenir products from the village of Jambu Kulon, Ceper, Klaten regency, Central Java before Christmas has grown by about 50% compared with the previous month.

Eni Purwanti (35), a craftsman in the village of Jambu Kulon RT 02 / RW 10, District Ceper, in Klaten, Friday (25/11/2016), said the duck production souvenirs that are popular overseas markets, among others with accessory wearing a hat, boots, and skis.

Equityworld Futures
Equityworld Futures

Eni said orders crafts duck comes from Belgium, and this month reached 1,500 pieces to Belgium. According to him, the buyer from outside the country, came alone to Klaten and choose according to demand trending.

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“Ducks are manufactured in Klaten, not only sold to Belgium or the country of origin of the customer. However, this duck subscriber is also sent to other countries, such as Australia, the Netherlands, and the United States,” said Eni again.

Eni said that because orders keep coming, so it is not able to serve the market demand. According to him, the average production capacity is only about 1,000 pieces per month by using four of five labor.

“This duck makes it requires special skill and accuracy that is quite complicated. I have to produce as customer,” he said again.

Local consumers are not even able to serve the order, because everything is for customer demand of foreign origin. Orders souvenir duck has now come back as many as 1,000 pieces to be shipped in December.

Supriyanto (36), one of the craftsmen from the village of Jambu Klaten say, the raw material of bamboo to make the duck must be brought from Gemolong Sragen.

The price has now risen to Rp4,500 per fruit. In fact, the price of bamboo stump its beginnings only 300 per piece.

Supriyanto explained the handicraft products of export quality and sold between Rp35,000 per fruit for the small size, Rp80.000 per fruit (medium), and 100,000 thousand per fruit (large).

According Supriyanto, duck craft businesses occupied since 1999, but the products began to serve new export orders in 2014 until now. The product is more refined and quality for export.

According to him, the duck craft businesses are made from raw materials of bamboo and wood waste, the results are quite promising, and the turnover of this month’s earnings reached 50 million.

“I am making this duck production costs account for about 50% of the selling price of goods,” said Supriyadi who admitted only graduate school of mechanical engineering in 1998.

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