Equityworld Futures : Step Slowly Join Gold, Beware Of Undervalued Condition

Equityworld Futures : The path of rising gold and other major world currencies are still quite winding admits the release data on labor, but verbal intervention the Fed officials can help it increase road is open again.

A day earlier, on trade of gold and major world currencies of non-us dollar back suffered great pressure after us jobless claims filings again shrinking so that constitute a sector of labor still improved trennya and opened the door wider so that the U.S. rate is raised as soon as possible.

The focus of today’s trade data in addition to the labor that will release, there are 4 of the Fed officials who will talk to the public, such as Stanley Fischer, Loretta Mester, Lael Brainard and Esther George.

From our estimates that the labor situation in the U.S. likely would indeed be improved such as wage data outside the agricultural sector or NFP or non-farm payroll will be better than any previous period given from the weekly jobless claims in the U.S. continues to decline.

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Of the unemployment rate will also decline, and that ought to be scrutinized is the average amount of income a percentage of quantity or perhour from workers or average hourly earnings, with our estimate will not change. When this is the case then the gold and major world currencies of non-us dollar will weaken again considering the way the increase of U.S. interest rates is clearly the more open because the payroll data provides direction for economic growth and inflation, are makin drove or even melamban.

The condition of the overvalued dollar index is indeed worrying cukip for u.s. central bank itself because if we look at the balance of the currency of the balance of payments or the “balance of payment parity”, then it can soon add to the deficit of the balance of the central bank and can overload the U.S. financial conditions. It takes a veiled effort so that the dollar is not too quick to overvalued in ways the intervention of the utterances of the influential economic figures, in this case 4 above which the Fed officials will speak on their respective forums which she had attended.

Hope this is indeed like pungguk ne Moon because in general the four officials of the Fed interest rate hikes were indeed supportive of the U.S., so it ought to be a serious concern for investors not to commit something contrary to the trend. The author only gave signs only.

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