Equityworld Futures : MIDDLE EXCHANGE RATE Weakened To 27 October BI Rp 13.027, the majority of Depressed Asian exchange rate

Equityworld Futures-Bank Indonesia Middle exchange rate pegged at Rp 13.027 per u.s. dollar this afternoon, Wednesday (27/10/1999).

Bank Indonesia Middle exchange rate set at USD $ 13.027 per u.s. dollar, depreciating 0.23% or 30 points from the position of 12,997 yesterday.

The selling rate was set at USD $ 13.092 per u.s. dollar, while the exchange rate of purchase is at USD $ 12.962 per u.s. dollar.

The difference between the selling and buying foreign exchange rate is Rp130.

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In the meantime, the movement of the vast majority of Asian currencies tracked weakening against the U.S. dollar.

A weakening us dollar against the deepest experienced by South Korea won by 0,71%, ringgit Malaysia amounted to 0.6%, and the Philippine peso is down 0.4%.

The exchange rate of the rupiah also tracked weakening 0.33% or 43 points to 13,047 per u.s. dollar at 11.00 GMT.

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