Equity world : At FIRST This Afternoon Give A Press Statement Reserved The Mystery Of The Disappearance Of The Documents Of The TPF Murder Munir

Equity world-Sixth President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono will give a description of related findings fact-finding team case Munir (TPF Munir) at his Cikeas Octopus, this afternoon.

“Today the time is 1 pm in Cikeas,” explained a spokesman for the Democratic Party, Imelda short message through Sari, Jakarta, Monday (25/10/1999). YUDHOYONO previously has stated will be through his personal twitter account @SBYudhoyono to clarify the question of the findings of the TPF Munir.

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“The activity of the Government law enforcement & next, soon we pass kpd public. I want the public to know sit reply question correct * * SBY, “wrote him through an account twitternya @SBYudhoyono, Jakarta, Sunday (23/10/2016) night.

General Chairman of the Democratic Party that also convey will give an explanation of the related results of TPF Munir in two to three days ahead so that the public can understand the sat question.

“We will convey reply Explanation within 2-3 days, must be based on fact, logic also certainly & truth. * FIRST *, “explained SBY.

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