Moving Harga Saham Gabungan (IHSG) Index Fluctuation After Exposure Correction

Equityworld Futures, Jakarta – Harga Saham Gabungan (IHSG) index to fluctuate throughout the day after last week affected by the correction. At the close of trading, JCI even had plunged to lows in 5302.

While the rupiah against the US dollar (US) tend to strengthen this afternoon. The US dollar is in the range of USD 13 327 compared to the US $ 13 357 this morning.

In preopening trading, JCI gained 8.714 points (0.16%) to a level of 5321.554. Meanwhile, LQ45 index rose 2.206 points (0.25%) to a level of 888.830.

Started trading earlier in the week, Monday (30/01/2017), stock index opened increased 8.070 points (0.15%) to a level of 5320.910. LQ45 Index opened edged up 1.767 points (0.20%) to a level of 888.391.

Ending index closed the first trading session increased 3.977 points (0.07%) to a level of 5316.817. LQ45 index edged up 1.127 points (0.13%) to a level of 887.751.

Had raced to its highest level to 5331.516, JCI fluctuate before finally falling 10 points (0.19%) to the position of 5302.662. LQ45 also fell by 3.88 points (0.44%) to 882.739.

Shares of the agricultural sector rose 0.55% followed by the mining sector which rose 0.50%. Shares of the industrial sector fell the most in a mixture of 2.11%.

Stocks that enter the ranks of top gainers among the Coal Mine (PTBA) rose 500 points (4.62%) to Rp 11,325, Indo Tambang (ITMG) rose 475 points (3.27%) to Rp 15,000, Merck (MERK ) rose 350 points (3.98%) to Rp 9,150, and Asuransi Ramayana (ASRM) rose 330 points (15.35%) to Rp 2,480.

While stocks entered the ranks of top losers among Unilever Indonesia (UNVR) dropped 375 points (0.90%) to USD 41 325, United Tracktor (UNTR) dropped 225 points (1.00%) to USD 22 375, Indofood Sukses Makmur (INDF) dropped 200 points (2.50%) to Rp 7,800, and Astra International (ASII) dropped 200 points (2.47%) to Rp 7,900.

Regional stock markets on average not berdagangan today, still in order to welcome the Lunar New Year. Only the Japanese market is open, this afternoon’s Nikkei 225 index fell 98.551 points (0.51%) to a level 19368.850.

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