In the Year 2017 Experiencing Jakarta Inflation Nearly 1%

PT Equityworld, Jakarta – Inflation in Jakarta in the first month of 2017 opened on a fairly high level. Inflation in Jakarta in January 2017 stood at 0.99% (mtm), higher than the inflation rate in December 2016 (0.27%, mtm).

The inflation rate was also higher than the average of the previous five-year inflation in January (0.45%, mtm), as well as with the national inflation recorded 0.97% (mtm). Even if on an annual basis, inflation Capital in January 2017 which amounted to 3.13% (yoy) is still lower than the national inflation reached 3.49% yoy.

Says the press release of Bank Indonesia (BI) received detikFinance Jakarta, Wednesday (02/01/2017).

This is because the government’s policy in the form of a price adjustment in administered prices of several commodities. The policy is primarily related to an increase in vehicle registration fees and administration 900 VA electricity subsidy removal which gradually had begun in January 2017.

Adjustment of administrative costs significantly fuel vehicle registration vehicle registration renewal fees increase in the CPI basket, amounting to 107.38% (mtm). The increase was accounted for 0.27% of total inflation this month. The increase in electricity rates, which stood at 4.17% (mtm) provided a contribution of 0.16%.

Meanwhile, volatile foods inflation in January 2017 was still under control. Maintaining food prices came mainly from the price of rice and spices remained stable. Rice price index recorded no change from the previous month.

Jakarta Provincial Government step in maintaining continuity and good stock management is able to maintain the stability of rice prices. Anticipation of rice procurement by working with Bulog, also can keep the supply of rice in Jakarta normally.

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