Wall Street Stocks Rise Touch Level 20 000 Appreciation Policy President Donald Trump

PT Equityworld, New York – US stocks (US) rallied with the Dow Jones stock index touch level above 20,000 for the first time. Strengthening the Dow Jones stock index pushed the company’s financial performance improved and optimism towards the US president Donald Trump policy to boost economic growth.

At the close of trading on Wednesday (Thursday morning GMT), the Dow Jones stock index gained 155.38 points or 0.78 percent at 20068.09. Stock index S & P 500 climbed 18.33 points or 0.80 percent at 2298.4. Nasdaq stock index rose 55.38 points or 0.99 percent at 5656.34.

The economic policy of Donald Trump gives optimism to market participants on US economic growth. In the early reign of Donald Trump, he has made a number of decisions that support the business including signing an executive order reducing the rules for domestic manufacturing. It also clarifies the construction of two oil pipelines.

Stock index S & P 500 and Nasdaq posted record highs in the second trading session. While the Dow Jones stock index print a record since January 6 as investors optimistic about the new pro-business government with a plan trim taxes and encourage economic growth.

However, stock indices tend to be volatile on lately as investors await clarity about the policy of the new US administration led by Donald Trump.

“This is clearly a milestone for the market, and investors started to gain clarity. Then see how the next policy,” said UBS analyst Julian Emanuel in New York, as quoted from Reuters on Thursday (01/26/2017).

The Dow Jones index touch 20,000 level also used by Trump. Moment is released in its official tweet with the words “Great! # Dow20K.

In addition to optimism over the new US administration’s policy pro-business sentiment in the stock market was also lifted by expectations of better fourth quarter performance. Approximately 104 companies entered the stock index S & P 500 have reported results on Wednesday. Nearly 70 percent of the company’s performance beat expectations.

The company’s earnings are expected to grow 6.8 percent in the fourth quarter, and the strongest in two tahun.Penguatan Dow Jones stock index is supported by rising stock number is printed Boeing shares to a record high level of US $ 168.65 supported financial performance.

The Dow Jones index gaining to touch its highest level took 42 trading sessions from its highest level of 19,000. The increase is most common among the 10,000 level to 11,000 from March 29 to May 3, 1999 which takes 24 days. Then the increase in stock index level of 18,000 to 19,000 level that requires 483 trading sessions.

The increase in stock indexes to levels above 19,000 occurred since Nov. 22 that is driven sector financial stocks. Shares of Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan rose 20 percent.

Trading volume registered 7.03 billion shares on US stock exchanges. The trading volume was above average 20 day trading around 6.37 billion shares.

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