The rate of Composite Index (IHSG) gains as Rupiah Stronger Against Dollar

Equityworld Futures, Jakarta – rate Composite Stock Price Index (JCI) rose in trading on Tuesday this week. JCI sustained rate of the rupiah against the US dollar (US).

At the close of trading on Tuesday (24/01/2017), Jakarta Composite Index rose 41.12 points or 0.78 percent at 5292.08. LQ45 stock index rose 0.95 percent at 884.16. The entire compact benchmark stock index rose.

There are as many as 180 stocks gained thus encouraging JCI to the green zone. While 141 stocks fell. 101 shares at rest. JCI had at the highest level and the lowest 5297.49 5267.73. Stock trading is also quite crowded.

Total frequency stock trading around 364 306 times the trading volume of 16.8 billion shares. Daily transaction value of Rp 6.4 trillion. The position of the US dollar in the range of USD 13 305. Foreign investors to sell around Rp 123 billion.

By sector, shares gained 9 sectors except sector plantation stocks fell 0.41 percent. Sector trading shares climb 1.42 percent, the infrastructure sector shares rose 1.4 percent, and consumer goods sector stocks rose 1.31 percent.

Stocks that gained include ENRG shares rose 22.22 percent to Rp 66 per share, ARII shares climbed 13.24 percent to Rp 496 per share, and the stock EARTH climbed 7.62 percent to Rp 480 per share.

While stocks under pressure, among others hotl stock slipped 19.44 percent to Rp 145 per share, stock TINS ??shrinkage of 4.88 percent to Rp 975 per share, and ANTM shares slumped 6.94 percent to Rp 805 per share.

Asian stocks were varied. Hong Kong stock index Hang Seng rose 0.22 percent to a level of 22 949, South Korea’s Kospi stock index slumped 0.01 percent to 2,065, and Japan’s Nikkei stock index fell 0.55 percent to a level of 18 787.

In addition, the Shanghai stock index climbed 0.18 percent to a level of 3142, Singapore’s stock index rose 0.49 percent to 3,040, and Taiwan’s stock index climbed 0.25 percent to a level of 9447.

Analyst PT Bhima Setiaji NH Korindo Securities said that the strengthening of the rupiah against the US dollar (US) has been pushed JCI to the green zone. President of the United States (US) Donald Trump will apply protectionist trade policy is feared could lead to a trade war.

This makes the US dollar weakened. “Catalysts today from Donald Trump plans protectionist policies make US dollar weakened against a basket of currencies including the yen, and other currencies, including the rupiah so the impact to JCI,” he said when contacted

There is also the foreign investors to sell in Indonesia capital market, Bhima rate it is still reasonable because foreign investors are still selling in the range of USD 100 billion.

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