EQUITYWORLD FUTURES : The European Union Accuses Facebook Give Misleading Info When Acquired WhatsApp

PT Equityworld Futures-The European Commission has accused Facebook Inc. provides information misleading in the takeover of the online messaging service WhatsApp, making the company the possibility of being fined 1 percent of omzet..

The statement of objections sent to Facebook it will have no impact on approval by 2014 about merging the company with a value of US $22 billion, according to the EU Commission in a statement on Tuesday (8/12).

EQUITYWORLD FUTURES : The European Union Accuses Facebook Give Misleading Info When Acquired WhatsApp

Facebook is Silicon Valley’s latest target of EU Antitrust Chief Margrethe Vestager, who have been demanding the tax accounts receivable to pay Apple $14 billion to Ireland and attributing Google with the two investigations of violations of the market.

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These issues are related privacy policy changes WhatsApp August when the company said it would split the number of the user’s phone number with Facebook’s parent company, which sparked an investigation by the EU data protection authorities.

The Commission says Facebook has indicated in the notification of the acquisition plan that they will not be able to match user accounts two companies. “In the statement of objections, the Commission today took the initial view that, contrary to the statements and answers in the study of incorporation of the company Facebook, chances are the technical user names matching Facebook and WhatsApp there has been years of 2014.0” according to the statement.

“The initial Commission’s view is that Facebook is giving information not true and misleading during the investigation into the acquisition of WhatsApp,” said competition Commissioner Vestager, EU efforts.

Facebook have time until January 31 to respond. If the concern of the Commission was confirmed, the Agency could impose a fine of up to 1 per cent of the turnover of the company. The companies fined can appeal to the European Court, which had rejected several previous penalty.

Facebook stated respect for the process of the Commission, but they say has consistently provided information regarding their technical capabilities and plans, including in the acquisition of WhatsApp.

Responding to the issue is separate from the EU’S data protection watchdog agency, Facebook has agreed to stop distributing WhatsApp user information with Facebook to enhance ad products and social media networks that. The watchdog agency that wrote to the company last week, asking for more information about changes to the privacy policy.

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