PT EQUITYWORLD : This 5 Cool Features On Instagram Should You Know

Equityworld – For those of you who faithfully using Instagram, 2016 is an amazing year for application sharing photos and short videos belonging to this Facebook presents a variety of new features through updates over the next few months.

From the zoom feature when viewing the photo to a more interactive ads, here are the best features on Instagram shouldn’t you miss:

PT EQUITYWORLD : This 5 Cool Features On Instagram Should You Know

1. Zoom (Aug. 31)

After 6 years waiting, Instagram finally officially introduced the feature where users can zoom in on photos on line time with only needs to be “pinching” or use two fingers on the screen of a smartphone. Ye shifting fingers approached or docked to enlarge, shrink, or keep the image.

2. Save Draft (30 September) PT EQUITYWORLD

Before, you have to re-upload the photos will be posted when accidentally press ‘ back ‘ button in the application. Now, through the feature ‘ Save Draft ‘ entire photo or video to be uploaded will be stored automatically. However, this feature applies only to photos or videos you have edited or given a caption first. Read: PT Equityworld : Us Dollar flirts with the high of 14 years December 21, 2016 As Overall Performance

3. Story Tricks (10 November)

In addition to introducing Instagram Story, Instagram beautify feature that lets users share all this everyday moments with your Boomerang. With Boomerang, a user can display a series of unique and interesting photos to display it.

In addition, you can now mark (tag) people in yout story, as in the photo caption by adding icons @ before the name. The person who marked it will receive notification in the private message when opening applications, as quoted from pages CNET, Wednesday (14/12/2016).

4. Disappearing Messages (November 21)

Through the updates lately, Instagram makin feels like Snapchat. There is not enough to add the feature Stories, Instagram introduce features Disappearing messages. Finished making a Story, you can tap the arrow that is on the bottom right of the screen and select one or more friends on Instagram to receive messages.

As in Snapchat, messages received disappears you will friend Instagram within 24 hours. In addition, Instagram just presenting an update notification which displays when someone download the screenshot your photos via a private message.

5. Live Video (coming soon)

In addition to the features already can be enjoyed today, reportedly Instagram is currently developing a feature live video from your account on Facebook or Live like a Periscope. According to the official website of Instagram, you will can broadcast video directly from the main Story page by sliding to the right of the feed, and click on the button Live in the bottom of the screen to start the live broadcast.

When the live broadcast, you will be shown information anyone who was watching at the top right of the screen, complete with comments and reactions below. You can also add your own comments or turn off comments entirely by choosing options on the screen. INSTAGRAM EQUITYWORLD


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