EQUITYWORLD FUTURES – 350 People Worked Out Of Aleppo, The Evacuation Was Halted

Equityworld Futures – About 350 people successfully issued from rebel territory in Aleppo, Syria, though the evacuation process was halted while the bus-burning incident rescuers on Sunday (18/12).

“Five buses arrived from the region of the beleaguered East of Aleppo,” said Ahmad al-Dbis, head of a team of doctors and volunteers for the evacuation process in Khan al-Asal, told AFP.

The rescue process 350 people this is actually almost canceled because of bad situation in Aleppo after the evacuation by bus-burning action group who have not been identified.

EQUITYWORLD FUTURES - 350 People Worked Out Of Aleppo, The Evacuation Was Halted

However, Russia and Turkey urged Syria to allow the regime forces convoy bus was passing the checkpoint. According to the Dbis, 350 people were finally arrived, but with a very pitiful condition. “They have not been eating and drinking. Children of the cold. They have not even get into the toilet, “said Dbis.


Kronologi Pesawat Hercules TNI AU C 130 A-1334 Tabrak Bukit Tugima | EQUITYWORLD FUTURES

On Sunday it’s actually there are 100 buses that were supposed to go. But in the afternoon, 30 buses that are already fully charged could not continue its journey because of the incident.

Meanwhile, thousands of others can only wait for the bus in the open ground, amid the chill weather Aleppo. There are only three doctors who now stand guard near them.

Special Envoy of the United Nations for peace Syria, Staffan de Mistura, said that there were about 40 thousand civilians and 5,000 people rebels who should be evacuated from Aleppo since the regime’s forces seized the area last week.

Before the evacuation was halted, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported recently about 8,500 3,000 people, including rebels, who successfully evacuated from Aleppo. PT EQUITYWORLD FUTURES

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