PT EQUITYWORLD : Trump Supporters Claimed Would Be Killed Voters Democrats

PT EQUITYWORLD-Some of the members of the election Committee is entitled to a lot of threats for voicing support for the President-elect of the United States, Donald Trump. They were asked not to vote for the trombone, as the Republican party.

PT EQUITYWORLD : Trump Supporters Claimed Would Be Killed Voters Democrats

One of the voters, Michael is called Banerian, from the Oakland University, claimed, received death threats by post, E-mail, social media, Twitter and Facebook.

“Someone’s threatening to put a bullet in my mouth,” said Banerian quoted from page Daily Mail), Tuesday (16/12).

In addition Banerian, Sharon Geise, a grandmother who lives in Mesa, Arizona, say when you Wake up, you found the 1,500 new E-Mail, to select the requirement in the order, the trump card.

“Electronic mail that was pouring in continuously. You control my iPad (via E-mail),” said Gaise.

“Look, do you want to change your decision. But I’m not going to change it (choose from the Trump),” he continued.

Some voters in Georgia, Idaho, Tennessee, Utah, and Michigan have also reported that they received similar threats.

Not only terrorist on social media, the effort, the voters Trump was also by a group at Harvard University under the direction of Professor Lawrence Lessig.

This group offers free legal advice to voters who will defect from the set of the popular vote.

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“It is already to the limit of corruption. The decision of the electorate could be sold to the highest bidder,” said Patricia Allen, one of the supporters of the trump of Tennessee.

In Utah, there is another group with the name of ” democracy and progress PAC, which is a full-page ad in Salt Lake City, Utah. In the display it is written that the voters tied” to select the trump.

The United States is, in fact, enact a law forcing us to choose the voters, the winner of the popular vote. However, there are no legal sanctions for voters, the lack of decided.


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