Equityworld Futures : Microsoft Stock Is Flying High, With Cloud Computing Business

Equityworld Futures-Shares of Microsoft Corp. was flying high, up 6.1 percent to as low as 60.73 u.s. dollar closing trade post. Thus, Microsoft market valuation increased by 27 billion, on Thursday (20/10/2016) or Indonesia Friday time. Microsoft Announces additional revenue and profit was above analysts estimates.

Increased sales in the business of cloud computing push shares of Samsung in the highest level of all time. Thus, there was an indication of displacement of Microsoft business to business cloud computing, after long relying on business software and other hardware. Though, looks still early stage.

The company, based in Redmond, Washington, said revenue from cloud computing Microsoft’s flagship product, Azure, up 116 percent. Azure is a cloud computing-based services that can be used by users to manage websites, applications and data.

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“There is a great foundation for Microsoft to grow,” said Trip Chowdry, managing director at Global Equities Research, as quoted from Reuters. He even mengestimasi, business cloud services will be controlled by Microsoft at a later date, compared to its competitors, Amazon.com Inc.

“Microsoft has a unique position in cloud computing hybrid in the world, because they can move easily from the data center to the cloud computing with Azure publicly,” said Shannon Cross of Cross Research. Earlier, the Chief Executive of Microsoft’s Satya Nadella focus on business cloud services and mobile applications as a pillar of growth, following the slowdown in the software business. Earlier this year, making an impact with Nadella purchase special professional social networks, LinkedIn Corp. for $ 26.2 billion us dollars.

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