Equityworld Futures : The PRICE Of GOLD Advanced To The Highest Level In Two Weeks

Equityworld Futures-The price of gold back interview on trading until this afternoon, Friday (20/10/2016). The price of gold has been strengthened in four trading days. Comex gold contract December at 11 am EST, strengthened 3.4 points or 0.27% to US $ 1,273 105.4 per ounce.

Gold advanced to the highest level in two weeks, when the last trade in the US dollar index moving flats, and has left 98 level since the beginning of this week. The index of the U.S. dollar halted penguatannya amid speculation of rising interest rates on the central bank of the U.S., after United States core inflation data Ascension under expectations.

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“We have seen reduced slightly related concerns of higher interest rates,” said David Meger, Director of Metals Trading High Ridge Futures as quoted Bloomberg, Friday (20/10/2016).

At 11:30 PM GMT, the U.S. dollar index strengthened 0.03% to 97.95. The U.S. dollar index terpelest flat after moving from number 97 to 98 level earlier in the week.

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