Indonesian Capital Market Stable Enough heat in the Era of Domestic Political

Equity World, Jakarta Indonesia capital market industry is quite stable in recent months, although there are some political turmoil. This is reflected in the Composite Stock Price Index (CSPI), which continues to be in the range of 5300-5400.

Head of Research and Strategic PT Bahana Sekuritas said Harry Su, reflects conditions when foreign investors are not overly particular attention to the political conditions in the country.

“With the current 5300-5400 index seems alien to politics yet so follow us. They position, not aware they hope okay. So Ahok win and also might not guilty to forecase her,” he said in Jakarta Graha Niaga CIMB Thursday (02/16/2017).

The local elections (Pilkdada) Jakarta was fierce. Quick calculation or quick count and lieutenant governor candidate number 2 and 3 have a narrow margin. It allows occurs election second round.

“Result berdasarakan quick count if the average of all we get an average 17 percent of candidates, 43 per cent of the two candidates, 40 percent of candidates three. Quite tight in the second half of this. Of course, fighting 17 percent,” he said.

Jakarta election this year is not much different from the previous election period in 2012. In which, the calculation results have a narrow margin. However, he admitted, a candidate for Governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama has a pretty good achievement although exposed to the issue of religion.

“What happened in 2012 when there Pak Jokowi and Ahok. They were 42.6 percent. In fact according to I, Ahok achievement passable despite religious defamation issues and others, it is still 43 percent is pretty good. Since the year 2012 was only about 43 percent . Round two was 53.8 percent, “he explained.

Harry said, in November 2016 occurred massive stock sales. He said that it was a combination of the two sentiments that the election of Donald Trump as president of the United States (US) and domestic political conditions the demonstration in Jakarta.

“It is more due to the release of foreign events Trump Presidential election. If the local sale of November because of domestic politics. They are selling together with different reasons,” he added.

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