Global Market After Christmas Doldrums

PT Equityworld – US stocks fell in late trade on Friday morning (23/12), depressed consumer sector despite the poor performance of US GDP is reported to have increased from the previous quarter. The Dow Jones fell 0.12 percent to 19,918.88 with the highest decline in Wal-Mart stock. The S & P 500 down 0.19 percent to 2,260.96 with consumer discretionary sectors led the seven sectors were lower and the Nasdaq slipped 0.44 percent to 5,447.42.

Weak Asian markets move in early trade on Friday (23/12) by the holiday sentiment. ASX 200 index -0.40% at 5621.20. The Kospi index fell 0:02 percent at 2035.41. Stock Asutralia and Korea, while Japan’s is open a half day holiday celebrating the birthday of the emperor of Japan.

Of the commodity markets, crude oil prices rose by some sentiment as strong US GDP data support a strong US dollar pullback rally and optimism that crude oil producers will adhere to an agreement to limit production. WTI oil price rose 0.88 percent to $ 52.95 per barrel. Furthermore, the price of crude oil has the potential to move down by profit-taking.

Meanwhile, spot gold prices LLG in late trade on Friday morning (23/12) ended down 0.23 percent at $ 1,129.10 per troy ounce due to strong US GDP data. gold prices for the next trade is projected to rise with the projected weakening of the US dollar.

Of the foreign exchange market, the US dollar gained only limited due to very depressed by the euro and the yen Jepang.Pagi crucible is observed retreat again and potentially weak throughout the day by sentiment Christmas holiday.
00:04 EURUSD 1.04430%
GBPUSD -0.07% 1.22800
USDJPY -0.04% 117.48

Of the Indonesian capital market, at the close of trading Thursday afternoon (22/12), the Jakarta Composite Index ended down 1.3% to 5042.87 position. JCI weakening carried out by a local investor selling pressure is quite big. JCI to further trade, it is estimated there will be in the range of support 4985-5021 and 5135-5163 resistance. Stocks that are interesting to observe this day: BMRI, HMSP, INDF and SMRA.

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