PT EQUITYWORLD : Libya Airbus A320 Afriqiyah Airways hijacked, forced to land in Malta

PT EQUITYWORLD-An Airbus A320 operated by the airline Afriqiyah Airways is set to be landed in the capital of Tripoli from the city of Sabha in southern Libya. The perpetrators of the hijacking were detained after almost all of the 108 passengers and crew allowed to go down.

PT EQUITYWORLD : Libya Airbus A320 Afriqiyah Airways hijacked

Unknown number of hijackers allegedly involved but they are supporters of the former leader, the late Libya Muammar Gaddafi.

Two hijackers who diverted a Libyan passenger plane to Malta claiming to have a grenade have surrendered peacefully following hours of tense negotiations.

There were 118 people, including seven crew members, on board the hijacked Afriqiyah Airways Airbus A320, which was travelling from Sabha in south east Libya to the capital Tripoli.

These were The Independent’s live updates as the situation unfolded:

Report of Malta mentioning that one of the hijackers threatened to blow up the plane with grenades. Another report said the perpetrators tried to get political asylum. When the hijacking took place one of them fly the green flag from the era of Gaddafi.

Libya television station who interviewed principals said the perpetrators wanted to promote the new party pro-Gaddafi. See also: PT EQUITYWORLD : JAKARTA SITUATION AFTER CHRISTMAS ENSURING

The plane left a military airport Tmenhant, Sabha, at 11.10 a.m. local time (15:10 GMT), landing in Malta two hours and 20 minutes later. Mayors of Sabha, Col. Hamed al-Fanciful to the BBC said it had already launched an investigation into how the weapons or explosives could get into the cabin of the aircraft.

He acknowledged that security at the airport is indeed very weak. The distance between the airport and building the aircraft about 5 kilometers. “This is an open space and it is this possible route of smuggling to the plane,” said Fanciful.

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