Equity world : GOLD PRICE NOVEMBER 23 US dollar index is only down Thin, Golden Success Sabet Momentum

Equity world-Comex gold price movements observed higher on the third day, Wednesday (11/23/2016), as the impact of the weakening US dollar.

Comex gold price contract in December 2016, today opened higher by 0.12% or 1.40 points to US $ 1,212.60 per ounce.

equityworld futures
equityworld futures

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Then at 7:05 pm, the price movement up 0.10% or 1.20 points to US $ 1,212.40.

On Tuesday (22/11/2016), Comex gold closed up 0.12% or 1.40 points to US $ 1,211.20 per ounce in line with the weakening dollar.

Yesterday (Wednesday morning GMT), the US dollar index which tracks the movement of the dollar against a basket of currencies thin closed down 0.01% or 0.010 points to 101.040, after opening down 0.29% at position 100.760.

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