Action Selling And Political Situation of China Make Gold Prices Down

PT Equityworld, Jakarta Gold prices fell after five consecutive sessions has increased to reach its highest price in 13 weeks.

The rise in gold prices also supported the strengthening of the dollar and US equities.

MarketWatch launch, Friday (10/02/2017), the price of gold fell $ 2.7 or 0.2 percent to settle at US $ 1236.8 per ounce. Earlier, gold prices recorded the highest level since Nov. 10, 2016.

“The rise in gold prices in recent times too fast and too high,” said Adam Koos president of Libertas Wealth Management Group launched MarketWatch, Friday (02/10/2017).

Year to date, gold prices rose to 7 percent.

“When investors spend its profits to these commodities, gold prices rose. Today, Trump issued a statement about the taxes that make stocks rose, causing the price of gold was little affected,” he said.

As you know, Donald Trump said in the next few weeks will make a statement regarding taxes. That caused shares on US stock exchanges rose. Because Trump agenda promises to cut taxes.

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