Inflation Outlook 2017 release from the Ministry of Finance Indonesia

PT Equityworld – The Ministry of Finance released the 2017 inflation forecast on Monday (30/01). As released in the website of the Ministry of Finance, Head (Head of) Macroeconomics of Fiscal Policy Agency (BKF) Pardjiono said that the inflation rate in 2017 is estimated to be in the range of 4.0 assuming a change in the range of 1 percent in accordance with the established inflation target ,

Optimism determination of projected inflation in 2017 to consider the improvement of infrastructure facilities to support the stabilization of prices and supplies. But on the other hand, there is still a risk of pressure arising from administered price components, such as the adjustment of the amount of subsidy electric power 900VA haves as well as higher administrative costs of vehicle registration.

Besides concern in controlling inflation is a price policy plans in the energy sector in line with the upward trend in crude oil prices and the potential climatic disturbances that affect the productivity of horticulture and distribution.

“The government is trying to observe the conditions of supply and demand, particularly staple food items and are committed to controlling the volatile components of food inflation,” said Pardjiono.

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