Wall Street Mixed After President Donald Trump Comment About Trade

Equity World, Jakarta Stocks or Wall Street closed little changed on Thursday local time. This triggered the comments of President Donald Trump about trade policies that he took.

Reuters launch, the S & P 500 traded at the same level as six weeks ago, lost his strength as investors focus on priority Trumo, which restrict travel to the United States, and the re-release of trade agreements.

The market moves sharply following the election of Donald Trump on November 8, which won the competition denan Hillary Trump. Investors when it expects tax cuts, deregulation, and fiscal stimulus to accelerate economic growth.

“The market is just moving sharply on good policies such as tax cuts,” said Arian Vojdani, invetment Strategist at MV Financial in Bethesda, Maryland, on Friday (02/03/2017).

The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 6.03 points or 0.03 percent at 19884.91. S & P 500 gain of 1.3 points or 0.06 percent at 2280.85, and the Nasdaq Composite fell 6.45 points or 0.11 percent at 5636.20.

Trump repeated his concern about the cooperation agreement with Canada and Mexico, and said that he would accelerate pembiacaraan to renegotiate or replace the cooperation.

“A lot of commotion going on and we have to try to look at the fundamentals,” he said.

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