Government For 10 Million Trees For the sake Overcome chili chili price hike

PT Equityworld – Jakarta – To overcome the problem of the soaring price of pepper, especially cayenne red, Ministry of Agriculture (Ministry of Agriculture) will distribute 10 million free chili trees to the community.

It corrected the statement of Minister of Agriculture, Amran Sulaiman, who previously would distribute in the form of seeds.

Head of Food Security Agency (BKP) Kementan, Gardjita Budi, explaining the pepper trees will be distributed through the group PKK in these areas, as well as several offices BKP in the area, both the district and provincial levels.

“It’s a collaboration with the PKK, they were later to be distributed to households. Then also through the offices of BKP in the area. Later they will specify the division,” said Budi to detikFinance, Friday (13/01/2016).

According to him, the early stages of a new 10 provinces will be allocated chili tree. The distribution was just beginning to be realized at the latest on 1 February 2017.

Expresses, which will be distributed chili tree is a tree that has been aged 1 month. The pepper trees that allow a rapid fruiting.

“The tree we try the age of 1 month, have been great but not flowering, the transportation is also easy, if still small hard right. Then if over 1 month of age the means are in bloom. I’ll even break pas transported,” explained Gardjita.

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