Trump Adviser Call Russia Involved Hacking US ELECTION | EQUITY WORLD

Equity World – James Woolsey, the primary United States President-elect Adviser, Donald Trump, convinced Russia was involved in hacking in order to interfere with the process of the election on November 8.

This statement is very contrary to the attitude that always Trump denied outright tudingan the involvement of Moscow it is.

“I think Russia there are [engaged] in there. However, it does not mean the other party [outside of Russia] is not involved as well. It is not easy to say who [perpetrator hacking] because there are many tricks to hide it, “says Woolsey told CNN on Monday (2/1). The former boss of Us Intelligence Center Agency (CIA) said, it is difficult to determine the mastermind behind this hacking.

Trump Adviser Call Russia Involved Hacking US ELECTION | EQUITY WORLD

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But he believes foreign parties including Russia involved in the intervention action is considered President Barack Obama has jeopardized the interests of the country that, though not necessarily hacking done Moscow influential on things that are important.

“Sometimes people in the U.S. National Security Agency mutual talk and express their ideas related to this hacking mode possibilities.

But I think it is not so substantial issue here. I think [the involvement of Russia] only as a dialogue back and forth, “said national security adviser Trump it.

The comments came a few days Woosley after the Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI) released investigative reports related to the latest allegations of Kremlin intervention in election victory to help Trump. The FBI even claimed to have evidence of malicious computer code samples used in the hacking spree by Moscow.

In conjunction with the release of the FBI report, Obama also decided to drop a number of diplomatic and economic sanctions against Russia, including expelling diplomats Russia 35. Up to now, Trump and the team continue to transisinya denied the charges and called the White House as a silly tudingan are unfounded.

“I know much about hacking. Hacking very difficult proved, so it could have been done by other parties, “said Trump. A spokeswoman for Trump, Sean Spicer, said that even tudingan is not liable because there has been no final report of intelligence that is able to explain that the victory was aided by Russia Trump.

“There is no evidence that they affected the election. The idea to conclude before having the final report is irresponsible action, “said San to Fox News, as quoted from Reuters, Tuesday (3/1). The issue of hacking and the intervention of Russia is increasingly sticking over Hillary Clinton’s defeat of Trump in the elections.

Internal email chain had compromised the Democratic Party during the election campaign underway. It is enough to make Clinton kelimpungan maintain his credibility during the campaign. PT EQUITYWORLD FUTURES/CNN


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