EQUITY WORLD : Two Bombs Exploded In The Philippine Boxing Match 32 Injuries

EQUITY WORLD-Two bombs exploded in a boxing match in the town of Hilongos, Leyte province, central Philippines. Philippine Government officials said at least 32 people are injured, Wednesday (28/12)

A police official says 16 people from the wounded put to various hospitals for treatment, while the rest were treated and then released. At least 10 of the victims were children aged between 7 and 15 years.

EQUITY WORLD : Two Bombs Exploded In The Philippine Boxing Match 32 Injuries

Police are trying to identify the attackers and no one has claimed to be responsible. A communist guerrilla have been revealing their presence in Leyte province, about 610 kilometers southeast of the capital Manila, but there are still no signs of them or any other militant group involved.

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President Rodrigo Duterte warned militant infiltration of ISIS to the Philippines in military efforts to banish the ISIS from Iraq and Syria is successful.

As many as 10 people which is the audience reportedly were killed and 35 others were injured in a blast in the Amateur Boxing Championships, Wednesday (28/12/2016) night. The President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte accused blasting was done by drug gangs after earlier, seven people were killed was shot in Manila.

Preached a number of Philippine media, the bomb was made from a mortar detonated remotely via your mobile phone. Duterte, hard-line leader of the Philippines launched the action clean sweep on illegal drugs since it took power six months ago.

The explosion that took place a few hours after seven men–including three minors–were shot dead by local hunters, drug gangs in Manila. Many Filipinos who became a bounty hunter in a massive drug eradication is done by Duterte.

More than 6,000 people died since the drug eradication operation was launched. The case of the shooting occurred when two “drug hunters” this attack a House believed to be the headquarters of the drug operatives. A number of armed men fired on the House, killing five people on the scene, then fled.

Police said, two other victims died before reaching the hospital Shootings it makes Duterte Government gets criticism because the perpetrator was not arrested.

But the President who is known for his controversial action that alleges that bombs in Hilongos is a revenge group of drug gangs. However, the military is currently investigating the possibility of the two extreme groups who did the action bombs.

The first was the Muslim Abu Sayyaf guerrillas from the southern Philippines. Second, the Maoist Communist guerrillas also exist in Leyte province, about 610 kilometers (380 miles) southeast of Manila.

Duterte, who is holding peace talks with Maoist rebels believed the Group was not involved. ‘ Overall, I’d say it has nothing to do with left or with the Communists, “said Duterte.

Duterte has said the southern Philippines very vulnerable to the influence of ISIS because only small ocean separating it from the Muslim majority areas of the Philippines, and other countries the majority of other Muslims such as Brunei, Indonesia and Malaysia. EQUITY WORLD


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