PT EQUITYWORLD : Trump Supporters Claimed Would Be Killed Voters Democrats

PT EQUITYWORLD : Trump Supporters Claimed Would Be Killed Voters Democrats

PT EQUITYWORLD-Some of the members of the election Committee is entitled to a lot of threats for voicing support for the President-elect of the United States, Donald Trump. They were asked not to vote for the trombone, as the Republican party.

PT EQUITYWORLD : Trump Supporters Claimed Would Be Killed Voters Democrats

One of the voters, Michael is called Banerian, from the Oakland University, claimed, received death threats by post, E-mail, social media, Twitter and Facebook.

“Someone’s threatening to put a bullet in my mouth,” said Banerian quoted from page Daily Mail), Tuesday (16/12).

In addition Banerian, Sharon Geise, a grandmother who lives in Mesa, Arizona, say when you Wake up, you found the 1,500 new E-Mail, to select the requirement in the order, the trump card.

“Electronic mail that was pouring in continuously. You control my iPad (via E-mail),” said Gaise.

“Look, do you want to change your decision. But I’m not going to change it (choose from the Trump),” he continued.

Some voters in Georgia, Idaho, Tennessee, Utah, and Michigan have also reported that they received similar threats.

Not only terrorist on social media, the effort, the voters Trump was also by a group at Harvard University under the direction of Professor Lawrence Lessig.

This group offers free legal advice to voters who will defect from the set of the popular vote.

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“It is already to the limit of corruption. The decision of the electorate could be sold to the highest bidder,” said Patricia Allen, one of the supporters of the trump of Tennessee.

In Utah, there is another group with the name of ” democracy and progress PAC, which is a full-page ad in Salt Lake City, Utah. In the display it is written that the voters tied” to select the trump.

The United States is, in fact, enact a law forcing us to choose the voters, the winner of the popular vote. However, there are no legal sanctions for voters, the lack of decided.

Equity World : EXCHANGE RUPIAHS DECEMBER 15 JCI Pause Spot, Spot dips 78 pts to 13 372

Equity World-The rupiah opened down 0.37% or 49 points to Rp13.343 per US dollar in trading today, Thursday (15/12/2016).

Previously, the rupiah closed up 0.23% or 31 points to Rp13.294 per US dollar after trading at around Rp13.267 – Rp13.306 per US dollar.
Illustration: An employee of the central bank smoothed money – Reuters

Strengthening rupiah weakening inversely with the majority of other currencies in Southeast Asia. Thailand’s baht fell 0.08%, 0.21% weaker Malaysian ringgit and the Philippine peso fell slightly 0.01%.

Equity World
Equity World

EQUITY WORLD : Thousands of People are Threatened to Die Due to Hunger in Nigeria

Meanwhile, the US dollar index which measures the movement of the dollar against other major currencies tracked edged down 0.03%, or 0.030 points to 101.040 position at 16:15 GMT after it opened in the red zone.

According to traders, as reported by Bloomberg yesterday, the dollar reacted soft on expectations of rising interest rates by 25 basis points by the Fed, although it might be more moving in reaction to the statement of Fed Governor Janet Yellen later.

From within the country, Bank Indonesia is scheduled to hold a meeting on 14 to 15 December 2016. The market at the same time also is waiting for BI’s interest rate announcement.

Meanwhile, the price of WTI oil contract in January 2017 dropped 1.19% or 0.63 points to US $ 52.35 a barrel at 16:17 pm. European benchmark Brent oil contract in February 2017 to come down sharply 1.04% or 0.58 points to US $ 55.14 per barrel.


EQUITY WORLD : The Price Of Gold Fell, Being Hit By The Fed’s Decision

EQUITY WORLD : The Price Of Gold Fell, Being Hit By The Fed's Decision

Equity World-The price of gold fell in the Asian session on Thursday (15/12), after the US Central Bank decided to raise interest rates, the United States last night. In addition, the decline in the gold price triggered by free radical-Janet Yellen in terms of the prospects for a rate hike in the next year. When this news was revealed, the traded pair XAU/USD pair at the level of 1,144 US $ per troy ounce and the price of Antam’s gold edged only by $ 584,000 to Rp 583,000.

The price of Gold Fell, Hit by the rise in US interest rates

Meanwhile, on the Comex in New York Mercantile Exchange, gold futures for February delivery fell from 1.67% to the price level of 1,144 U.S. dollars per fine ounce. While the price of silver futures for March delivery was in the price range of 16.82 US dollars per troy ounce and the price of copper futures rose to 2.610 dollars per pound.

The Fed Increased US interest rates

The announcement of a hike in interest rates by the Fed, as well as an indication of the presence of an interest rate rise next year, sparked again rally in the US Dollar. The key rate is increased by around 25 basis points, so a 0.5-to 0.75. This condition is also the price of gold caused to fall and touch the lowest level in 10 months. The Fed ended the session for the holding of a press conference, followed by the radical comments of the Fed Chairman, Janet Yellen, about the expectations of the market.

Janet Yellen said that the resilience of the US economy in 2016 is quite strong. The Fed Chairman also said that the projected rise in US interest rates can be three as a boost of confidence in the US economic growth.

In addition, Equity World says the potential of the financial policy of Donald Trump will may, according to Yellen a significant impact on the growth rate of the U.S. economy. Although this is one of the factors, the said reinforced optimism the federal reserve, Janet Yellen, that it is too early to specify more, like a plan, policy, Trump will this impact on the subsequent policy. To this end, The Fed will wait until the impact of possible financial policy, the new government of Donald Trump.

Equityworld Futures : The Hang Seng Index December 14 Assisted Moving Positive Reinforcement Wall Street

Equityworld Futures -In early trade Hong Kong stock exchange on Wednesday (14/12), the Hang Seng Index moving strongly, when it was observed rose 75.62 points or 0.34 percent at 22522.32. Strengthening Hong Kong driven rise in Wall Street which hit a new record.

Stocks closed again before dawn print new highs ahead of the US interest rate announcement. The Dow Jones rose 0.58 percent, to 19,911.21, with the highest rise in Intel shares. The S & P 500 rose 0.65 percent, to close at 2,271.72, with the energy sector leading the nine sectors higher. The Nasdaq composite index rose 0.95 percent, to 5,463.83.

Energy stocks led the rally. Shares of China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation, or Sinopec, rose 4.45 percent to HK $ 5.87 after Bloomberg reported that the company is considering an initial public offering of the retail business in Hong Kong next year that could raise as much as US $ 10 billion.

PT Equityworld
Equityworld Futures : Gold Prices Decline Ahead of Fed Interest Rate Decision US

PetroChina shares rose 3.47 percent to HK $ 5.95, followed by Kunlun Energy gained 2.59 percent to HK $ 5.95.

HSBC shares rose 1.17 percent to HK $ 54.65 lifted by continued stock repurchases and expectations of rising US interest rates.

Shares of mainland developers down. China Overseas Land & Investment is the worst performing blue chip shares fell 0.92 percent to HK $ 21.6.

Evergrande Group China shares fell 0.38 percent to HK $ 5.18 while China Vanke little changed, after the mainland insurance regulator said Tuesday that it would tighten rules on the purchase of shares of the insurer.

While the movement of the Hang Seng index futures this morning observed rose 61.00 points or 0.25 percent at 22,522.00, up from the previous closing at 22,458.00.

Analyst Equityworld Futures Research Center estimates that the movement of the Hang Seng Index will then be moved positively with gains on Wall Street. However, it should be observed that the Chinese market movements may affect Hong Kong. Technically, the Hang Seng Index will move in the range of 22.036 to 21.567 Support and Resistance range from 23.044 to 23.527.


Equityworld Futures

PT Equityworld : Moving Strong Rupiah Tuesday morning at 13200 Range

PT Equityworld-The rupiah currency in early trading this week (13/12) opened stronger than its value last week to reach a position 13200. However, the consolidation movement of US dollar against many rivals to make that power was cut little by little. BI also this morning reinforces the reference exchange rate of the end of trading last week.

Equityworld Futures
Equityworld Futures

Strength rupiah rupiah this morning on the equity markets still have not made capital inflows by foreign investors increased to exceed the current release of the printed net sell of IDR109 billion. The selling pressure by foreign investors to put pressure on stock index was down 0.7%.

PT Equityworld Rupiah exchange rate movements in the spot market this morning moved positively to the position of 0.25% decrease from the previous trading and is now moving in the range Rp13297 / US $ after opening strong at the level Rp13305 / US $. Similarly to the exchange rate set by BI into position Jisdor more lemahdi 13309 13337 from previous trading.

And to the movement of the rupiah exchange rate in the spot market today potentially weak in late trading by the projection of a powerful blow against the US dollar exchange rate of emerging markets, so Analyst PT Equityworld Research Center estimates the rupiah to move in the support level at 13260 and resistance at 13380.

Equity World : GOLD PRICE Fed Meeting Tuesday, Precious Metals Depressed

Equity World-Comex gold prices weakened in trading this morning, Monday (12/12/2016).

The price of gold fell $ 3.4 or 0.29% to US $ 1,158.5 per ounce.
Comex Gold pressured ahead of the Fed meeting.

equityworld futures

Gold prices fell ahead of the US central bank meeting that was held on 13-14 December 2016.

Decision amount of the most awaited interest rate market on the closing meeting to schedule a meeting in 2016.

The market expects a rate hike the Fed Funds Rate at a meeting in December 2016.

“The chance of a rate hike at the Fed meeting in December has risen to 91%,” said analyst Waterfront Securities Octavianus Marbun in his weekly research.

In addition, he said, the victory of Donald Trump in the last US election, has provoked speculation implementing his campaign promise to increase spending on infrastructure that will encourage inflation and rising interest rates sooner.

Equityworld Futures : PRECIOUS METALS Overshadowed Market Sentiment ECB, Precious Metals Depressed

Equityworld Future-Comex gold prices to continue pelemahannya in trading this afternoon (Friday, 12/09/2016), a rebound in the US dollar after the European Central Bank decided to extend its monthly asset purchases by the end of next year.

Comex gold prices in February 2017 contract fell 0.31% or 3.60 points to US $ 1,168.80 an ounce at 11:00 am, after opening with a slight increase of 0.01% or 0.10 points at US $ 1,172.50 per ounce.

equityworld futures
Equityworld Futures : Gold Prices Slump Depressed Strengthening US Dollar After ECB Decision
At the same time, the US dollar index which measures the movement of the US dollar against a basket of currencies monitored rose 0.09%, or 0.090 points to 101.190.

The dollar index yesterday closed rebounded 0.87% or 0.870 points at 101.100 positions after the European Central Bank (ECB) decided to extend the program of Quantitative Easing (QE) by the end of 2017 or longer-than-expected extension of the period for only six months.

“If the ECB has the ability to re-ignite the weakening of the euro against the dollar, then the dollar rally seen next phase, it will be detrimental to gold,” said Georgette Boele, commodity strategist with ABN AMRO, told Reuters today.

Helped weigh on the movement of precious metals is expected benchmark interest rate hike by the US central bank Federal Reserve at its policy meeting next week. US interest rates higher are known to increase the opportunity cost of ownership of the precious metal that is not yielding.

According to CME Group’s FedWatch program, the probability of a rate hike by the Fed is currently in the position of 97%.

In line with the weakening of gold, silver price in March 2017 contract fell 0.56% or 0.096 points to US $ 17.000 per ounce at 11.00 pm, after opening down 0.12%, or 0.021 points at 17.075 position.


“Equityworld Future

PT Equityworld : CENTRAL EXCHANGE BI DECEMBER 8: 32 pts appreciated, majority of Asian Currency Gains

PT Equityworld– Bank Indonesia middle rate peg in position Rp13.304 per US dollar this afternoon, Thursday (08/12/2016).

Bank Indonesia middle rate set at Rp13.304 per US dollar, appreciated by 0.24% or 32 points from yesterday 13 336 positions.

Equityworld Futures
Equityworld Futures

PT Equityworld : Gold Prices Rising Ahead of ECB Meeting
Selling rate is set at Rp13.371 per US dollar, while the buying rate was at Rp13.237 per US dollar. The difference between the selling rate and buying rate is Rp134.

Meanwhile, the movement of the majority of Asian currencies strengthened against the US dollar.

Strengthening the steepest against the US dollar experienced by the South Korean won by 0.85%, the Taiwan dollar by 0.63%, and the Japanese yen rose 0.46%.

The rupiah strengthened contributed 0.45% or 60 points to Rp13.273 per US dollar at 11:02 pm.


“PT Equityworld

Equity world : CURRENCY (12/07/2016) Rupiah Rises to Rp13.305 per US $

Equity World

Equity world-The rupiah exchange rate in the inter-bank transactions in Jakarta on Wednesday (07/12/2016) morning rose 44 points to Rp13.305 per US dollar.

“The rupiah rebounded along with the strengthening of the exchange rate in the region against the US dollar. Prices of crude oil that is in the upward trend is still the main driver in addition to the positive sentiment on the domestic markets,” said economist Samuel Sekuritas Rangga Cipta.

Equityworld Futures
Equityworld Futures

Equity World : Efforts to Turn Trends Motion, Precious Metals Analyst Call Gained Momentum Difficult
Foreign inflows are still quite large, especially the bond market, according to him, also helped keep sentiment strengthening rupiah against the US dollar until the end of the year.

Despite the strengthening of the rupiah is still open, he said, the influence of global factors such as sentiment the meeting of the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) is expected to raise its benchmark interest rate could withstand the rupiah.

Binaartha Securities analyst Reza Priyambada said global risk of rising interest rates the US central bank is expected to appropriate market projections so that the impact is not great on the rupiah in the future.

“Market participants are likely already factoring in the risk of the Fed, the expected rise in interest rates is not too big,” he said.

Although the rupiah is still likely to strengthen, he said, traders should keep a close watch various sentiments were wary of the emergence of a selloff and the US dollar borong action that could impact on reversing the direction rupiah.

Equity world

Equityworld Futures : Rupiah Tuesday Morning Add Steady, Translucent Range 13300

Equity World

Equityworld Futures : Venturing into the foreign exchange market trading on Tuesday (6/12) back print strengthening rupiah which exhibited significantly from early trading last week, managed to penetrate the range of 13300, up 125 points from last weekend. Rupiah confident rally take a foothold on the momentum weakening US dollar against many currencies.

Equityworld Futures

Equityworld Futures

Equityworld Futures : Aggressiveness Trump Economics, Fed rate hike Associate With
Very strong rupiah does not make foreign capital inflows more than the current discharge until printed Rp93 billion net sell more. The foreign investor selling pressure failed to suppress stock index was up 0.2%.
Rupiah exchange rate movements in the spot market this morning with a positive move to strengthen the position of 0.42% from the previous trading and is now moving in the range Rp13384 / US $ after opening strong at the level Rp13405 / US $. Thus for Jisdor exchange rate set by BI into a stronger position in the 13405 of 13516 previous trading.

And to the movement of the rupiah exchange rate in the spot market today potentially strong at the end of trading by fundamental weakness of the US dollar, so Analyst Equityworld Futures Research Center estimates the rupiah to move in the support level at 13530 and resistance at 13310.

Equityworld Futures