EQUITY WORLD : The Price Of Gold Fell, Being Hit By The Fed’s Decision

Equity World-The price of gold fell in the Asian session on Thursday (15/12), after the US Central Bank decided to raise interest rates, the United States last night. In addition, the decline in the gold price triggered by free radical-Janet Yellen in terms of the prospects for a rate hike in the next year. When this news was revealed, the traded pair XAU/USD pair at the level of 1,144 US $ per troy ounce and the price of Antam’s gold edged only by $ 584,000 to Rp 583,000.

The price of Gold Fell, Hit by the rise in US interest rates

Meanwhile, on the Comex in New York Mercantile Exchange, gold futures for February delivery fell from 1.67% to the price level of 1,144 U.S. dollars per fine ounce. While the price of silver futures for March delivery was in the price range of 16.82 US dollars per troy ounce and the price of copper futures rose to 2.610 dollars per pound.

The Fed Increased US interest rates

The announcement of a hike in interest rates by the Fed, as well as an indication of the presence of an interest rate rise next year, sparked again rally in the US Dollar. The key rate is increased by around 25 basis points, so a 0.5-to 0.75. This condition is also the price of gold caused to fall and touch the lowest level in 10 months. The Fed ended the session for the holding of a press conference, followed by the radical comments of the Fed Chairman, Janet Yellen, about the expectations of the market.

Janet Yellen said that the resilience of the US economy in 2016 is quite strong. The Fed Chairman also said that the projected rise in US interest rates can be three as a boost of confidence in the US economic growth.

In addition, Equity World says the potential of the financial policy of Donald Trump will may, according to Yellen a significant impact on the growth rate of the U.S. economy. Although this is one of the factors, the said reinforced optimism the federal reserve, Janet Yellen, that it is too early to specify more, like a plan, policy, Trump will this impact on the subsequent policy. To this end, The Fed will wait until the impact of possible financial policy, the new government of Donald Trump.


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