Equity World : EXCHANGE RUPIAHS DECEMBER 15 JCI Pause Spot, Spot dips 78 pts to 13 372

Equity World-The rupiah opened down 0.37% or 49 points to Rp13.343 per US dollar in trading today, Thursday (15/12/2016).

Previously, the rupiah closed up 0.23% or 31 points to Rp13.294 per US dollar after trading at around Rp13.267 – Rp13.306 per US dollar.
Illustration: An employee of the central bank smoothed money – Reuters

Strengthening rupiah weakening inversely with the majority of other currencies in Southeast Asia. Thailand’s baht fell 0.08%, 0.21% weaker Malaysian ringgit and the Philippine peso fell slightly 0.01%.

Equity World
Equity World

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Meanwhile, the US dollar index which measures the movement of the dollar against other major currencies tracked edged down 0.03%, or 0.030 points to 101.040 position at 16:15 GMT after it opened in the red zone.

According to traders, as reported by Bloomberg yesterday, the dollar reacted soft on expectations of rising interest rates by 25 basis points by the Fed, although it might be more moving in reaction to the statement of Fed Governor Janet Yellen later.

From within the country, Bank Indonesia is scheduled to hold a meeting on 14 to 15 December 2016. The market at the same time also is waiting for BI’s interest rate announcement.

Meanwhile, the price of WTI oil contract in January 2017 dropped 1.19% or 0.63 points to US $ 52.35 a barrel at 16:17 pm. European benchmark Brent oil contract in February 2017 to come down sharply 1.04% or 0.58 points to US $ 55.14 per barrel.



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