Equity World : GOLD PRICE Fed Meeting Tuesday, Precious Metals Depressed

Equity World-Comex gold prices weakened in trading this morning, Monday (12/12/2016).

The price of gold fell $ 3.4 or 0.29% to US $ 1,158.5 per ounce.
Comex Gold pressured ahead of the Fed meeting.

equityworld futures

Gold prices fell ahead of the US central bank meeting that was held on 13-14 December 2016.

Decision amount of the most awaited interest rate market on the closing meeting to schedule a meeting in 2016.

The market expects a rate hike the Fed Funds Rate at a meeting in December 2016.

“The chance of a rate hike at the Fed meeting in December has risen to 91%,” said analyst Waterfront Securities Octavianus Marbun in his weekly research.

In addition, he said, the victory of Donald Trump in the last US election, has provoked speculation implementing his campaign promise to increase spending on infrastructure that will encourage inflation and rising interest rates sooner.


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