PT Equityworld : GOLD PRICE DECEMBER 5 Spot Not Succeed Again Jebol Level 1180

PT Equityworld-Comex gold prices in trading today, Monday (12/05/2016) jumped to a level of 1,180 in trading this morning, after a distressed effect Trump and the slow lorises Fed rate hike in December 2016.


equityworld futures
pt equityworld

PT Equityworld : GOLD PRICE Referendum Defeat Renzi Italian, Precious Metals directly jump to 1,180

February Comex gold contract opened higher $ 4.8 or 0.41% to US $ 1,182.6 per ounce.

At pk. 7:27 pm, so it rose to US $ 3.2 or 0.27% to US $ 1,181 per ounce.

Later in the pk. 8:26 pm, gold rose 0.06% to US $ 1,178.5, and moving in the range of 1176.5 to 1190.2.


pt equityworld


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