Equityworld Futures : GOLD PRICE NOVEMBER 16 Precious Metals Still Shine

Equityworld Futures:Gold futures on the COMEX division of the New York Mercantile Exchange in yesterday’s trading were in the green zone until closing, for technical trading and Indian demand.

equityworld futures
equityworld futures

The most active gold contract for December delivery rose 2.8 points, or 0.23%, to settle at US $ 1,224.50 per ounce tray. After touching a five-month low, the precious metal rebounded slightly in a technical “rebound”, aided reconfiguration rupee India by the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

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However, the increase will not bwrlanjut due to a report released by the US Census Department on Tuesday showed retail sales increased 0.8%, retail sales excluding automobiles increased 0.8%, and retail sales excluding automobiles and gas increased by 0.6%, during October.

Analysts noted that the three figures show strong economic growth and they further show that this report will raise hopes for the report fourth-quarter gross domestic product. The US dollar index rose 0.26% to 100.22 at 18:30 GMT.

The index is a measure of the dollar against a basket of major currencies. Gold and the dollar usually move in opposite directions, which means that if the dollar will rise, gold futures fell, because gold is measured in dollars more expensive for investors.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average US also rose 13 points, or 0.07 at 18:30 GMT. Analysts noted that while equities posted a loss of the precious metal usually rises, as investors sought a safe haven.

Meanwhile, as US equities posted gains, the precious metal is usually down. Analysts noted that many economic reports to be released this week. Report of the producer price index and industrial production will be released on Wednesday (16/11), the consumer price index, new home construction (housing starts), weekly jobless claims, Business Prospects Survey of Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia on Thursday (17/11), and the last few Federal Reserve officials scheduled to speak on Friday (18/11).

Meanwhile, silver for December delivery rose 15 cents, or 0.89%, to close at 17.043 dollars per ounce. Platinum for January delivery rose 1.1 dollars, or 0.12%, to close at 934.70 dollars per ounce.Simak gold price movements are live today

PT Equityworld : GOLD PRICE NOVEMBER 15 Precious Metals Today Stronger

equityworld futures

PT Equityworld-Gold futures on the COMEX division of the New York Mercantile Exchange this morning opened marginally higher 0.01 points or 0.01% to US $ 1,221.80 per ounce tray.

equityworld futures
equityworld futures

Reinforcement continue until 8:16 pm to 6.50 points or 0.53% to US $ 1,228.20 per ounce tray.
Gold futures prices rose on the COMEX Division of the New York Mercantile Exchange. – Between

The movement of gold prices today range from US $ 1,219.80 to US $ 1,229.00 per ounce tray.

Gold prices rose after yesterday closed lower on Monday as the US dollar showed broad gains.

The most active gold contract for December delivery was down 2.6 points, or 0.21%, to settle at US $ 1,221.70 per ounce tray.
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The US dollar unexpectedly rose sharply on Monday, reaching 11-month highs. Many investors believe that the US President-elect Donald Trump will have a positive impact on banking regulations and strengthening banking equities provide support for the dollar.

The US dollar index rose 0.86% to 100.07 at 18:40 GMT. Index is a measure of the US dollar against a basket of major currencies. Gold and the dollar usually move in opposite directions, which means that if the dollar rises, the gold futures will fall because gold is measured in dollars more expensive for investors.

US equity markets also rose, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average added 11 points, or 0.06 percent at 18:45 GMT.

Analysts noted that while equities posted a loss of the precious metal usually rises, as investors sought a safe haven, reverse while US equities posted gains, the precious metal is usually down.

According to the analyst noted that while very little news on Monday in addition to the strengthening of the US dollar, a large number of economic reports to be released this week.

The retail sales report will be announced on Tuesday, the producer price index and industrial production report released on Wednesday (16/11), the consumer price index, new home construction (housing starts), weekly jobless claims, Business Prospects Survey of Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia will be released on Thursday (17/11), and several Federal Reserve officials scheduled to speak on Friday (18/11)

Silver for December delivery fell 48.9 cents, or 2.81 percent, to close at 16.893 dollars per ounce. Platinum for January delivery dropped 9.6 dollars, or 1.02 percent, to close at 933.60 dollars per ounce.

PT Equityworld : EXCHANGE RUPIAHS 14 NOVEMBER Lunch Pause, Rupiah Rises 44 Points to 13 339

Equity World

PT Equityworld : The rupiah opened higher by 0.14% or 19 points to 13,364 per US dollar in trading today, Monday (11/14/2016).

Previously, the rupiah closed down 1.86% or 245 points to Rp13.383 per US dollar in trading Friday (11/11/2016).

Equityworld Futures
Equityworld Futures

Currency movements Garuda was in line with the currencies in the Asian region that is almost entirely weakened.

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According to Bloomberg, the rupiah exchange rate throughout the day moving in the range of Rp13.233 / US $ to Rp13.873 / US $.

Dollar exchange rate Jakarta Interbank Spot Rate (Jisdor) was sharply lower 1.77% or 232 points to Rp13.350 per US dollar.

Meanwhile, BI transaction rate pegged Rp13.417 to Rp13.283 for selling and buying rate.

Bank Indonesia assess rupiah volatility caused by selling foreign exchange in the market due to the influence of global analysts who made inquiries about the policy of protectionism in the United States after the election of Donald Trump as president.

When the rupiah until Friday (11/11/2016) afternoon has reached the psychological level Rp13.700 per US dollar, the central bank has been stabilizing in the two markets at once, namely currency and Government Securities (SBN). BI has been announced to market participants that the monetary authority is ready to buy government bonds and auction.

Senior Deputy Governor Mirza Adityaswara declared after seeing BI market is present in the foreign exchange market and government securities, the rupiah could return to the level of Rp13,500 per US dollar range.

He reiterated that Indonesia would not limit the foreign exchange market in the interbank money market so that the market can run balanced both from the rest of the supply and demand.

“And exporters have also started going in for the supply of foreign currency exchange rate makes it stable again,” he said.

PT Equityworld : CENTRAL EXCHANGE BI 11 NOVEMBER Depressed to Rp13.350, weakening Rupiah Leads Asia in Spot Foreign Exchange

Equity World

PT Equityworld-The middle rate of the rupiah traded sharply lower 1.77% or 232 points against the US dollar on Friday (11/11/2016).

Based on data from Bank Indonesia, the rupiah today’s middle exchange rate at a level of Rp13.350 per US dollar, from the previous central rate Rp13.118 per US dollar.

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The selling rate is set at the level of Rp13.417 per US dollar, while the buying rate capped at Rp13.283 per US dollar. The difference between the selling rate and buying rate is 134.

Meanwhile, according to data compiled by Bloomberg Dollar Index, rupiah also kept depressed by 2.22% or 292 points to Rp13.430 per US dollar at 11:04 pm.

The weakening rupiah exchange rate occurs when the majority of Asia traded weaker against the US dollar.

According to Bloomberg, the rupiah posted its sharpest slowdown followed by the Malaysian ringgit at 1.63% and 1.12% won depressed.

Equityworld Futures : CENTRAL EXCHANGE BI NOVEMBER 10 depreciates 34 pts, majority of Asian Currency Gains

Equity World

Equityworld Futures-Bank Indonesia middle rate peg in position Rp13.118 per US dollar this afternoon, Thursday (11/10/2016).

Bank Indonesia middle rate set at Rp13.118 per US dollar, depreciated by 0.26% or 34 points from yesterday 13 084 positions.

Selling rate is set at Rp13.184 per US dollar, while the buying rate was at Rp13.052 per US dollar. The difference between the selling rate and buying rate is Rp132.
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Meanwhile, the movement of the majority of Asian currencies strengthened against the US dollar observed.

Strengthening against the US dollar among experienced by the Japanese yen and Singapore dollar 0.42% 0.06%.

The rupiah was also observed rose 0.09% or 12 points to 13 115 per US dollar at 10:57 pm.

Equityworld Futures : GOLD PRICE: When Brexit Up 4.69%, while Trump Superior Precious Metals Up 4.17%

equityworld futures

Equityworld Futures-The price of gold streaked along with safe-haven currencies such as the yen and Swiss franc.

Comex gold price of the December contract rose 53.2 points, or 4.17% to US $ 1,327 per ounce.

equityworld futures
equityworld futures

The largest increase since the victory of the British keuarnya voice of the European Union in a referendum in June. When a referendum on June 23, 2016 made gold is still at a level of 1269.3, on June 24 soared to 1328.8, or an increase of 4.69%.

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Donald Trump prospect of victory boosted the market hunting for safe-haven assets, which led to the drop in the stock market.

Investors to shun riskier assets, after Trump declared excel in the area of Florida, Ohio and North Carolina.

“Right or wrong, win Trump is seen by the market as event risk,” said Ric Spooner, chief market strategist at CMC Markets Asia Pacific Pty as quoted by Bloomberg, on Wednesday (11/09/2016).

PT Equityworld : Heroes Day Commemoration, Invites Public Goggle explore Unique and Historic Attractions in Surabaya


PT Equityworld-Ahead of National Heroes Day 10 November 2016, Monday (11/07/2016), Google Indonesia to invite the community and tourists experience the convenience and fun of exploring the local and unique experience in the city of Surabaya through 7-day campaign named #SelaluTauYangSeru in Surabaya by Google App.


The campaign was conducted in 5 cities in Indonesia, where Surabaya became the third city after Jakarta and Bandung. After this, the campaign will be conducted in Yogyakarta and Medan.

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This event can be followed by everyone for free, in which participants must follow the Twitter account and Facebook @google_IDN Google Indonesia to get some clue that will be given via the hashtag #SelaluTauYangSeru in Surabaya.

Then, participants can simply enter the clue in the search box of Google App application to learn things and unique place in the city of Surabaya, where surprises have been prepared better Google there. Please find enclosed the press release and photographs of product launch activities and community day.

Equity world : EXCHANGE JISDOR 7 NOVEMBER appreciated to 13 082, Spot Depressed Strengthening Dollar

Equity World

Equity world-The rupiah penetrate Rp13.082 per US dollar based on the reference rate Jakarta Interbank Spot Dollar Rate (Jisdor) today, Monday (07/11/2016).

Data published this morning puts BI on Jisdor at Rp13.082 per US dollar, appreciated by 0.16% or 21 points from 13 103 positions last weekend.

Equityworld Futures
Equityworld Futures

Meanwhile, the exchange rate was observed down 0.25% or 33 points to Rp13.101 per US dollar at 10:01 pm in the spot market.

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In trading on Friday (11/04/2016), the rupiah closed with slim gains of 0.05% or 7 points at 13,068 per US dollar positions.

Meanwhile, the US dollar index, which measures the movement of the dollar against a basket of major currencies this morning observed rose 0.46%, or 0.445 points to 97.510 at 9:54 pm, after it opened in the green zone.

PT Equityworld : Misbah, Logged Bangkalan Investors Turn Right for ‘Strangled’ first

PT Equityworld-Suramadu operation since mid-2009, yet provide benefits for people Bangkalan, Madura.

pt equityworld
pt equityworld

These conditions sparked concerns the Chairman of the Institute for Social Democracy (LeKsdam) Bangkalan, Misbah.

According to him, Bangkalan must immediately clean to convince investors that are willing to invest in Bangkalan.

“When other districts in East Java competing investment opportunities, Bangkalan as shut down. Economically, so far has not been very beneficial longest bridge. What is it ?,” said Misbah with a tone of wonder, Thursday (03/11/2016).

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A myriad of questions in the minds of Misbah slowly began unanswered despite the LeKsdam Bangkalan not conduct a study specifically related to the slow pace of investment.

Turns Bangkalan, districts have not investment friendly.

“Multiple rumors – rumors like that, not friendly to investors. Investors are turning right for ‘strangled’ first. Even the chatter has led to a crisis of leadership. It is already the subject of conversation in the shop – the coffee shop,” he explained.

He considered, although it is limited to the general public chatter, but the facts on the ground prove that.

The large investments that can open new jobs yet none appear in Bangkalan.

Therefore, he continued, the formation of Task Force (Task Force) Prevention and Eradication of Illegal Payments (extortion) in Bangkalan should be able to work seriously to unravel and open practices – practices which are not in accordance with existing rules.

“It would be extra work for Extortion Prevention Task Force Team. If that investors felt the investment climate is not healthy, please explore,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, Bangkalan Regent Wakill Mondir A Rofii explained, there are four points that must be addressed Bangkalan regency in order to create a friendly investment climate that can attract the interest of investors.

“First matter of licensing, to be clear, simple, rapid, precise, and accurate. Second, the security of the district government. Thirdly, comfort and fourth, granting the incentives for investors,” he explained.

According to him, medium and large scale investment will surely arrive when the four points that could be addressed. Moreover, in the near future, Perizinanan Integrated Services Office (kp2t) and Investment will be united.

“I think the merger of two institutions should be a moment in order. It must be worked out, the rapid process of peizinan. Moreover there is a central interest,” he said.

Mondir, as he is familiarly called states, Bangkalan opportunity to reap the investment would be wide open. Moreover, the geographical and human resources, Bangkalan potential.

“Surabaya becomes the economic development of eastern Indonesia. Well, Bangkalan District is supporting. I think this is a good opportunity and should immediately respond,” he concluded.

Equityworld Futures : Amit Coffee Lovers? Prepare a Saturday night in Banyuwangi There’s Festival Keren

equityworld futures
equityworld futures
equityworld futures

Equityworld Futures-For coffee lovers, worth circling the calendar on Saturday (11/05/2016), to come to Banyuwangi.

On that day, the prestige of the coffee will be raised through the event that was held Banyuwangi regency, Ewu Ten Coffee Festival.

In the festival’s 10,000 more cups will be presented to visitors at the Village People Kemiren, Banyuwangi.

Sak Corot Dadi Saduluran, or Once Brewed We Brothers, is a commonly used term residents of the village using Kemiren over coffee tradition with them. This is what is trying to be lifted in this festival.

Thousands of coffee will be served every house along the main road Kemiren village, which extends for 1.5 kilometers.

Coffee and snacks typical Kemiren will be presented at the court house guests present for anyone.

Fragrant coffee that night will be rising from ten thousand cups were served. Create a warm atmosphere of the village located at the foot of Mount Ijen.

Acting (Acting) Head of Culture Tourism Banyuwangi, MY Bramuda said the idea of this festival is inspired by the coffee drinking habits of citizens Kemiren, the tradition of coffee together.

“The term Sak Corot Saduluran Dadi these so inspiring we held a Coffee Festival Ten Ewu we have a routine title four years ago. Drinking coffee together is a means to strengthen the fabric of the relationship between society Using the well-known friendliness and adaptability,” said Bramuda.

Bramuda added, the festival became part of the promotion and introduction of specialty coffee Banyuwangi, as well as to introduce the tradition of drinking coffee Banyuwangi.

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“In Banyuwangi there are some areas that are very prominent in the production of coffee, which Kalipuro, Kalibaru, including in the western region of Banyuwangi at the foot of Mount Ijen. In fact, in the village of gombengsari Kalipuro, two months ago has held Quotation Coffee Festival,” said Bramuda.

Coffee has become one of the plantation is a mainstay products Banyuwangi.

Data recorded in Banyuwangi coffee production reached 8047 tons in 2015, up from 7,992 tonnes in 2014. Figures productivity reached 19.49 quintals per hectare in 2015.

This coffee festival will be packed with gorgeous. Held at night, the courtyard homes will impromptu living room. A desk chair that was carried out will be presented powdered coffee and snacks typical of Banyuwangi, like klemben (typical sponge Banyuwangi), boiled bananas, pancakes, pirate, Lopis, rengginang, various chips to sticky rice.

The coffee will be shown in the festival is the coffee production of Banyuwangi.

Uniquely, penghidang cups used have a uniform shape and motif.

In this festival, everyone can sit in the courtyard houses of anyone. The owner of the house will welcome and invited guests were present to taste the coffee.

Ten Ewu in Coffee Festival, visitors can see the exhibition of various coffee products from Banyuwangi, including coffee from Lerek Gombengsari, rocking horse coffee, coffee Uthek Banjar.

In addition, the festival will also be organized various activities in the form of exhibitions, ranging cupping session or art sniffed, sipped, and sipped coffee.

“In addition to enjoying the coffee that is served in the courtyard houses of citizens, tourists can also follow the coffee through the exhibition booth (tent) provided by the organizers. The coffee exhibition has been held two days before the Festival Ngopi Ten Ewu,” concluded Bramuda.