PT Equityworld : CENTRAL EXCHANGE BI 11 NOVEMBER Depressed to Rp13.350, weakening Rupiah Leads Asia in Spot Foreign Exchange

PT Equityworld-The middle rate of the rupiah traded sharply lower 1.77% or 232 points against the US dollar on Friday (11/11/2016).

Based on data from Bank Indonesia, the rupiah today’s middle exchange rate at a level of Rp13.350 per US dollar, from the previous central rate Rp13.118 per US dollar.

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The selling rate is set at the level of Rp13.417 per US dollar, while the buying rate capped at Rp13.283 per US dollar. The difference between the selling rate and buying rate is 134.

Meanwhile, according to data compiled by Bloomberg Dollar Index, rupiah also kept depressed by 2.22% or 292 points to Rp13.430 per US dollar at 11:04 pm.

The weakening rupiah exchange rate occurs when the majority of Asia traded weaker against the US dollar.

According to Bloomberg, the rupiah posted its sharpest slowdown followed by the Malaysian ringgit at 1.63% and 1.12% won depressed.

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