PT Equityworld : Heroes Day Commemoration, Invites Public Goggle explore Unique and Historic Attractions in Surabaya

PT Equityworld-Ahead of National Heroes Day 10 November 2016, Monday (11/07/2016), Google Indonesia to invite the community and tourists experience the convenience and fun of exploring the local and unique experience in the city of Surabaya through 7-day campaign named #SelaluTauYangSeru in Surabaya by Google App.


The campaign was conducted in 5 cities in Indonesia, where Surabaya became the third city after Jakarta and Bandung. After this, the campaign will be conducted in Yogyakarta and Medan.

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This event can be followed by everyone for free, in which participants must follow the Twitter account and Facebook @google_IDN Google Indonesia to get some clue that will be given via the hashtag #SelaluTauYangSeru in Surabaya.

Then, participants can simply enter the clue in the search box of Google App application to learn things and unique place in the city of Surabaya, where surprises have been prepared better Google there. Please find enclosed the press release and photographs of product launch activities and community day.


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