PT Equityworld : Misbah, Logged Bangkalan Investors Turn Right for ‘Strangled’ first

PT Equityworld-Suramadu operation since mid-2009, yet provide benefits for people Bangkalan, Madura.

pt equityworld
pt equityworld

These conditions sparked concerns the Chairman of the Institute for Social Democracy (LeKsdam) Bangkalan, Misbah.

According to him, Bangkalan must immediately clean to convince investors that are willing to invest in Bangkalan.

“When other districts in East Java competing investment opportunities, Bangkalan as shut down. Economically, so far has not been very beneficial longest bridge. What is it ?,” said Misbah with a tone of wonder, Thursday (03/11/2016).

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A myriad of questions in the minds of Misbah slowly began unanswered despite the LeKsdam Bangkalan not conduct a study specifically related to the slow pace of investment.

Turns Bangkalan, districts have not investment friendly.

“Multiple rumors – rumors like that, not friendly to investors. Investors are turning right for ‘strangled’ first. Even the chatter has led to a crisis of leadership. It is already the subject of conversation in the shop – the coffee shop,” he explained.

He considered, although it is limited to the general public chatter, but the facts on the ground prove that.

The large investments that can open new jobs yet none appear in Bangkalan.

Therefore, he continued, the formation of Task Force (Task Force) Prevention and Eradication of Illegal Payments (extortion) in Bangkalan should be able to work seriously to unravel and open practices – practices which are not in accordance with existing rules.

“It would be extra work for Extortion Prevention Task Force Team. If that investors felt the investment climate is not healthy, please explore,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, Bangkalan Regent Wakill Mondir A Rofii explained, there are four points that must be addressed Bangkalan regency in order to create a friendly investment climate that can attract the interest of investors.

“First matter of licensing, to be clear, simple, rapid, precise, and accurate. Second, the security of the district government. Thirdly, comfort and fourth, granting the incentives for investors,” he explained.

According to him, medium and large scale investment will surely arrive when the four points that could be addressed. Moreover, in the near future, Perizinanan Integrated Services Office (kp2t) and Investment will be united.

“I think the merger of two institutions should be a moment in order. It must be worked out, the rapid process of peizinan. Moreover there is a central interest,” he said.

Mondir, as he is familiarly called states, Bangkalan opportunity to reap the investment would be wide open. Moreover, the geographical and human resources, Bangkalan potential.

“Surabaya becomes the economic development of eastern Indonesia. Well, Bangkalan District is supporting. I think this is a good opportunity and should immediately respond,” he concluded.


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