Equityworld Futures : Amit Coffee Lovers? Prepare a Saturday night in Banyuwangi There’s Festival Keren

equityworld futures
equityworld futures

Equityworld Futures-For coffee lovers, worth circling the calendar on Saturday (11/05/2016), to come to Banyuwangi.

On that day, the prestige of the coffee will be raised through the event that was held Banyuwangi regency, Ewu Ten Coffee Festival.

In the festival’s 10,000 more cups will be presented to visitors at the Village People Kemiren, Banyuwangi.

Sak Corot Dadi Saduluran, or Once Brewed We Brothers, is a commonly used term residents of the village using Kemiren over coffee tradition with them. This is what is trying to be lifted in this festival.

Thousands of coffee will be served every house along the main road Kemiren village, which extends for 1.5 kilometers.

Coffee and snacks typical Kemiren will be presented at the court house guests present for anyone.

Fragrant coffee that night will be rising from ten thousand cups were served. Create a warm atmosphere of the village located at the foot of Mount Ijen.

Acting (Acting) Head of Culture Tourism Banyuwangi, MY Bramuda said the idea of this festival is inspired by the coffee drinking habits of citizens Kemiren, the tradition of coffee together.

“The term Sak Corot Saduluran Dadi these so inspiring we held a Coffee Festival Ten Ewu we have a routine title four years ago. Drinking coffee together is a means to strengthen the fabric of the relationship between society Using the well-known friendliness and adaptability,” said Bramuda.

Bramuda added, the festival became part of the promotion and introduction of specialty coffee Banyuwangi, as well as to introduce the tradition of drinking coffee Banyuwangi.

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“In Banyuwangi there are some areas that are very prominent in the production of coffee, which Kalipuro, Kalibaru, including in the western region of Banyuwangi at the foot of Mount Ijen. In fact, in the village of gombengsari Kalipuro, two months ago has held Quotation Coffee Festival,” said Bramuda.

Coffee has become one of the plantation is a mainstay products Banyuwangi.

Data recorded in Banyuwangi coffee production reached 8047 tons in 2015, up from 7,992 tonnes in 2014. Figures productivity reached 19.49 quintals per hectare in 2015.

This coffee festival will be packed with gorgeous. Held at night, the courtyard homes will impromptu living room. A desk chair that was carried out will be presented powdered coffee and snacks typical of Banyuwangi, like klemben (typical sponge Banyuwangi), boiled bananas, pancakes, pirate, Lopis, rengginang, various chips to sticky rice.

The coffee will be shown in the festival is the coffee production of Banyuwangi.

Uniquely, penghidang cups used have a uniform shape and motif.

In this festival, everyone can sit in the courtyard houses of anyone. The owner of the house will welcome and invited guests were present to taste the coffee.

Ten Ewu in Coffee Festival, visitors can see the exhibition of various coffee products from Banyuwangi, including coffee from Lerek Gombengsari, rocking horse coffee, coffee Uthek Banjar.

In addition, the festival will also be organized various activities in the form of exhibitions, ranging cupping session or art sniffed, sipped, and sipped coffee.

“In addition to enjoying the coffee that is served in the courtyard houses of citizens, tourists can also follow the coffee through the exhibition booth (tent) provided by the organizers. The coffee exhibition has been held two days before the Festival Ngopi Ten Ewu,” concluded Bramuda.


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