Equityworld Futures : The U.S. DOLLAR Market Unrest of NOVEMBER 2, Push the Safe Haven Asset, index Weakened

Equityworld Future-The U.S. dollar slipped from its positive movement on trade this morning, Wednesday (2/11/1999), as the agenda of the US presidential election that triggered investor anxiety and encourage demand for safe haven assets such as the yen Japan.

The US dollar index which measures the movement of the exchange rate of the US dollar against a number of major currencies yesterday opened a thin ride 0.05% or 0.049 97.748 in level points.

The U.s. Dollar. -Bloomberg movement is then turned to the weakened despite thin of 0.03% or 0.025 points to level 97.674 at 12 pm. Trading on Tuesday (1/2/2016), a dollar index closed plummeted 0.76% or 0.746 points to 97.699 following the political uncertainty in the United States as well as the concerns of prospective Republican Donald Trump might win the U.S. presidential election.

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As reported by Reuters today, the greenback weakened to the lowest level in three weeks against the euro and to its lowest level in 12 days over the yen, at a time when some polls show that Donald Trump position moving up over his rival from the Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton.

Those results came out of post a statement of the U.S. federal Bureau of investigation FBI Friday yesterday over an investigation into the use of email by Hillary. The exchange rate of the euro strengthened 0.11% to US $ 1,1067, while the yen strengthened Japan 0.32% or 0.33 points to 103.82 per u.s. dollar at 10:51 PM GMT.

“The currency markets tend not to see the meeting of The Fed as a strong factor. The Fed has hinted at a rise in interest rates in December and the market focus on the agendas of related U.S. presidential election.

While Clinton still maintains its position at the top of the Trump, dollars can be depressed again if a new poll shows Trump chasing ketertinggalannya, “said Shin Kadota, Chief FX strategist Japan at Barclays.

According to a Reuters poll released Monday (31/1/2016), Clinton maintains a position of 5 percentage points above the Trump even though little changed in post-FBI statement. However, ABC News poll shows a Trump lead 1 points and the Los Angeles Times shows the position to Trump who led more than 2 points.


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