Equityworld Futures : Car Owners Could Message The Police Number, How Much Does It Cost?

Equityworld Futures-Let’s say you have two car units. Legitimate only when terbesit thought replacing nopol one. So that can be used interchangeably on odd or even. Here’s tips on how the message of the new police numbers. Thus accidentally contacted the Police to ask this possibility.

The obtained answers normative ordering nopol according desire is something that can’t be done. “Registration Authority numbering is on the police (Ditlantas). Are not allowed to vote or ask the number odd or even. Number will be assigned sequentially according to the provisions that exist in Ditlantas,

“explains AKBP Budiyanto, Kasubdit Gakkum Metro Polda Jaya in Jakarta (2/9). In the field, thus many car owners who have used beautiful nopol ordered. Information obtained from the Management Services Bureau letters ordering nopol motor vehicle, for a car could have been done.

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Of course with the funds reach millions of dollars. A reluctant informant mentioned source credentials explained, for three numbers and two nopol letter option, it costs Idr 2.5 million.

Nopol with three numbers and three letters option, it costs Rp 3 million. Whereas nopol with two numbers and two letters the option cost is Rp 3.5 million. While for the two numbers and three letters options pegged to Rp 4 million-4.5 million.

The price of nopol orders will be more expensive when the numbers are booked only one number with two to three letter option. For example, B 4 GUS costs reached Rp 15 million-20 million.

Reports required from the owner of the car. For memanfaatnya or not. Because it is blatantly a way could be found easily out there.


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