Equity world : Setop Galaxy Production Note 7, Samsung Profit Down

Equityworld-Post stop production Note7 Galaxy, Samsung, South Korea the origin company merivisi estimated profit Q3 which was recently announced.

Samsung had previously estimated 7.8 trillion KRW operating profit (7 billion u.s. dollars, up 6 percent year on year) from the sale of 49 trillion KRW (43.9 billion u.s. dollars)

Now, Samsung shows revision 47 trillion KRW (41.8 u.s. dollars) in sales and 5.2 trillion KRW (4.6 billion u.s. dollars) operating profit

. Last year Samsung records 7.4 trillion KRW. Giant manufacturing company it used to be we had the right to go beyond that number, but now it lives of wishful thinking. This is the first decline in profit for Samsung
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in a year. Samsung shares earlier surged to rise, while shares of rival Apple just a bit up. Now, as much as 18 billion u.s. dollar market removed from Samsung. Worse than that is the possibility of losing the confidence of consumers, who would be known in Q4.

On the plus side this time, Samsung’s components business (such as chip and screen) promises to continue to expand and offset the disadvantages of mobile Division, according to GSM Arena.


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